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What do you find attractive in a man answer

Everyone has their own taste, but over the years, scientific studies have suggested certain traits are more desirable than others. Here are eight traits people find attractive, according to science. According to one study , women are more attracted to partners with a good sense of humor. One researcher theorizes that this has to do with a sense of humor being an indication of higher intelligence.

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What Women Find The Most Attractive In Men, According To Mr.Science

First of all, what do you think defines attractive? Does that mean there can be an openness to different types? Exactly what makes someone pretty? I know this is a sensitive question so no pressure in answering. Second, for whatever it is, can guys learn to compromise on looks or be open to different types?

I will it admit in high school I only went after the charming popular guys. The high school jocks. Then I realized I was being superficial and should instead go after less superficial things. It seems your dating advice encourages women chemistry vs compatibility something like that right?

It seems like it would be an of course, guys want the pretty girl because she is pretty right? Then I thought of my old high school crushes.

I realized some of them I liked not really because of them, but actually because I enjoyed the praise I felt of having won the attention over of someone so impressive. It made me feel important. Objectively, there are traits that are almost universally considered attractive. Per Wikipedia :. Sounds about right. At the same time, everybody has personal tastes and preferences.

Some men like women who are curvy. Some men like women who have no body fat whatsoever. Some guys are turned on by fake boobs. Some guys are turned off by them. Some prefer tattoos and piercings.

Some gentlemen prefer blondes. Some prefer ethnic. Go to Pornhub and take a look at what men look at. Top searches include: lesbian, hentai, MILF and step mom. When any client of mine goes out with a guy where the chemistry is less than a 6, I tell her to move along. However, as burgeoning couples get closer and more intimate, there are many if not most of my clients who discover that their 6 can develop into an 8 or a 9. When I was in high school, I was into skinny model-types from all the magazines and TV shows I consumed.

Then I dated someone my senior year who was short and curvy and discovered I loved that, too. To this day, my favorite physical type is short, curvy, dark-skinned brunettes. Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, etc. To me, dating around is like fine dining: the more you are open to trying different things, the more developed your palate gets, the more you can eat in any restaurant and find something you like.

They feel something, go with the feeling, get burned, and go back for more of the feeling. The brain chemistry that is associated with attraction is very much like cocaine or meth — powerful highs that make people — men and women alike — do otherwise irrational things.

Essentially, if she was physically appealing, I would have a crush on her, regardless of what her personality was like. Men who are still driven by the need to get the hot girl literally only see women for their looks. Some guy is getting sick of fucking her right now. Since most of life and marriage is not about sex and attraction, it seems short-sighted to place the highest value on sex and attraction.

Brilliant is a bonus. Hot is a bonus. Thanks for the thought-provoking question. If you liked my answer, please share it with a friend, and issue your comments below. Well, that helps out the men, but this is about women understanding what men find attractive. And, if they find out, they can be resentful. The truth is not always easy to hear. The other thing is that it is true that not all men find the same things attractive.

But this does not mean that everything is attractive. More often than not, it goes something like this. Then you have things like tattoos. Personally, I find most tattoos on a girl to be ugly. A tiny tattoo in a place that is normally hidden, even at the beach, is OK, but most of them, I could do without.

The majority of men I have talked to, feel the same way.. Truth is, even on the University campus, I see way more girls with a tattoo, than guys. Women follow the crowd more so than men. If he has one small one, he is likely OK with that, and not much more. You can test this out. Try dressing in different styles. Gauge his responses to them. If you dress up in a pant suit, to go out, does he respond?

What if the next week, you are going out, and this time, you look like a s glamor girl, in an evening gown? Think Jessica Rabbit…with the lush flowing hair style, red lips, and a dress that is sexy and feminine? No woman has her cartoon curves, but they can mimic her style, and I think women would be surprised how much men respond to that style.

And what about personality? Save that for your marches. I think that horse has been beat to a bloody pulp on this forum. When the universe lines everything up right. I was reading an old article with Josh Brolin.

I would say that men want to feel desired instead of needed. I think this is due to the fact that they are required to put in the majority of the effort in the beginning stages of the relationship through courting while women are taught to mirror his actions which to me is passive signs that she likes him. Anyone man or woman wants to know that someone is appreciating their efforts not in a emotionally unhealthy needy sort of way.

You nailed it right there. I guess you could look at it like this…most women I know, like a man who appears to be confident…and who takes charge at times…but if he takes this to an extreme, he would instead appear to be overtly cocky, and controlling. Keep in mind, also, that this would vary from man to man.

Some men will enjoy being needed, more than others. But I do think that a woman who is well tuned into her man, should be able to read his signals. She should be able to see if he is starting to get a little irritated. Also, knowing his primary love language will help. This is overlooked way too much. It in fact, can cause deal breakers. I have seen it in action.

For instance, my primary love language is physical touch. A friend had started dating a beautiful girl who was always touching him. Guess what…her primary was also physical touch…so I was wildly attracted to her. And then he was around…without her. So I asked him why? He stated that in a nutshell, she touched too much. He told her that too. My first thought was that he had ruined her. I thought that she will take that info on board, and modify her behavior. Sure, this may help her with the next guy, if touch is not his primary, but what good is that?

What if the guy did have touch as his primary, and walked away, without telling her? In other words, she should continue to touch, and the right guy will respond appropriately. The reason I say this is because for me, it is a very very very good thing, when the woman takes my arm in her hand, as we are walking, or takes my hand. It does trigger the right emotions, and makes me feel needed. I feel feminine energy coming from her when she does this.

Makes me feel like a leader. While it is OK, and normal to revel in the endorphins you experience, when your needs are being met, you still have to tune into your partner, to gauge whether theirs are being met. Not an easy task.

8 Traits People Find Attractive, According to Science

First of all, what do you think defines attractive? Does that mean there can be an openness to different types? Exactly what makes someone pretty? I know this is a sensitive question so no pressure in answering.

Asking what do girls find attractive is tricky, because attraction is such a subjective thing. There are some generally agreed upon things that girls find attractive, however.

Science can put a man on the moon, turn sunlight into electricity and now it can answer the single straight girl's big question: "What do men really find attractive? As Business Insider reports, when a man "checks out" a woman, what he's really doing is performing a quick "reproductive fitness assessment. Apparently, what men are physically attracted to are features that make a woman look healthy and fertile. So, let's talk about these findings and what it all might mean for those trying to better understand the straight male brain. Posted by Stephanie Lee.

9 Things Women Will Always Find Attractive In Men

What are the top things girls find attractive? When it comes to attracting women, confidence is king. Just a little attention to a few details can make all the difference in terms of your style. Make sure that your clothes fit, are clean and are a match for your age and position in life. Smiling is another great way to make yourself appear confident. Do you have a plan for your life or are you just coasting through it? There were times in the past when men took pride in their bachelor pads.

11 qualities in men that women find attractive

After her husband left her, Annie was initially confused about what went wrong in her 30 year marriage. Over eight years Ann jumped into the online dating pool. It speaks to the human psyche regarding relationships. It is a story of midlife self discovery and redefining ourselves after a challenge in our life. With a new perspective she is throwing strike after strike at would-be-lover after lover, date after date, she is kissing and telling.

Yesterday, Rob Fee discussed the 8 things men will always find attractive in women. I asked my girlfriends who, it should be noted, all have vastly different opinions of what constitutes attractiveness in the guys they date and pretty unsurprisingly, beneath nuanced types and funny fetishes, the core things boil down to be… the same.

So we stopped and asked two girls sitting by the wayside. Even the eyes and the smile. I know a bunch of guys who know how to smile and have eyes like Terence Hill or Johnny Depp. Yet, they suck when it comes to women — and not in a good way.

What Do You Find Most Attractive In a Person? Twitter Has Some Answers...

She is sooo into him. Shutterstock Be honest, straight men: You all want to know what women want. So take the results with a grain of salt.

Following are 8 traits, both physical and behavioural, that actual scientific research has found that women find attractive in men. These are not mere assumptions or opinions, but actual conclusions that behavioural scientists have come to following extensive research. A research conducted by professors at Rice University and the University of Northern Texas found out that out of around Yahoo! But how did the stereotype of TALL, dark and handsome come about? But some scientists believe that the reasons for this go even deeper.

7 Situations That Test What You Find More Attractive In A Man

When you take a look at this list below, understand some women may be okay with this and that, while other women may want the exact opposite. Some men like big boobs, others like small boobs. Women are really no different; we all are picky about something. And more than often, we accept small tradeoffs, because negotiating with reason is just how the world works. No matter what your past entails.

2 mins ago - Discover exactly what women find attractive in men and how to achieve it. We got When she asks you what you do, which answer is better?

Want to know what women find attractive? Who better for helping you understand this than a woman herself? In this article, I am going to walk you through what women find attractive in a man but I will also go a little deeper so you can walk away from this article with more than surface level answers and get the tools you need to start using them moving forward. Not only am I going to give you the tools and advice; I will also list traits so you can identify with what you currently have, and what you may need to work on moving forward, whether you are in a relationship or not.







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