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Wet hair look without gel

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Did your early years of hairstyling and product-hunting include rummaging through bathroom cabinets to see what your parents, siblings, and friends used? Your problem starts in the shower. What kind of shampoo are you using? Are you also using conditioner? The right ingredients make all the difference in creating a fresh, clean base to work with.

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The greatest advantage of this look is that it can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to thinner, slicked-back hair. Creating wetness requires working in a little bit of a product such as mousse or pomade before combing washed hair into place. For an easy wet look, try massaging in some hair gel all the way down to your roots. Finish by using your fingers or a comb to create the shape you want. Keep in mind, though, that some gels can give you a hard, flattened look, which may not be great for fine or short hair.

If you have this kind of hair, try using hair mousse instead of gel, which will make your hair sleek while giving it a boost of volume. For more advice from our Beauty co-author, including how to use hair products, like wax or pomade, keep reading!

Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Laura Martin Updated: January 31, This article was co-authored by Laura Martin. Laura Martin is a Licensed Cosmetologist in Georgia. She has been a hair stylist since and a cosmetology teacher since There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Explore this Article Styling with Mousse or Gel. Applying Pomade or Wax. Picking Hair Products. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary.

Method 1 of Shampoo and condition your hair. Getting your hair nice and moist is the first step to achieving the wet look. Shampoo clears out the debris, while conditioner smooths the surface. You can use whatever shampoo and conditioner you already have in your shower. Pat your hair mostly dry. Touch a towel to your head to start removing moisture. To use mousse and gel properly, your hair has to remain pliable.

To remove excess moisture, try grabbing handfuls of hair gently through the towel, squeezing them, and releasing them. Squeeze a dollop of mousse onto your fingers. To create a wet look, you will probably need a decent amount of product. Start out with a pea-sized amount on your fingers.

You can get more later if you need it. If you use too much, your hair will start looking stiff and greasy, which is difficult to reverse. Massage the mousse into your hair. Your fingers are your best tool for working in the mousse. Use your fingertips to move the mousse all the way down to your roots. When finished, the mousse should completely coat your hair. Style your hair with a comb or your fingers. Run a comb or your fingers through your hair to style it into the general shape that you want.

Style with a comb if you want a cleaner, more sculpted look. Use your fingers if you want a softer, less stiff finish. Mousse products give you a wide variety of stylistic options, so pick the one that looks best on you.

For example, you can use your fingers to tousle your hair for a messy, bedhead look. Method 2 of Dry your hair completely. Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner is still a crucial step. Unlike with mousses and gels, your hair should be completely dry before applying pomade. This means, however, you can reapply it throughout the day as needed. You can towel your hair dry, but consider blow drying it to give it extra volume.

Coat your fingers lightly with pomade. You can dip three of your fingers in the pomade to coat them thinly. Remember, less is more! Too much pomade makes your hair look limp and soggy. To avoid this unpleasant look, restrict yourself now and get more as needed later. Also, wax can be more difficult to rinse out than pomade is. Work the pomade into your hair with your fingers. Rather than use a comb, use your fingertips like a comb. Run your fingers through your hair.

It does not need to be worked down to the roots yet. Comb your hair to style it. Styling with only your fingers is bound to make your hair look messy and greasy. Stick to using a comb for large patches of hair. Run the comb through your hair to smooth it and spread the pomade down to the roots.

You can comb your hair to part it, slick it back, or make it a little messy on top. Use your fingers to shape your hair. Earn some extra style points by running your fingers through your hair to sculpt it. Instead of the slick look, try brushing your hair up and back. You can use a brush or comb to finish smoothing it back before patting it down. This is how you create a more voluminous slick or a pompadour.

Reapply the pomade throughout the day as needed. Carrying a small jar of pomade with you can be useful. Pomade usually needs to be used up to three times a day. For more holding power, spray on some hairspray after the first application of pomade. Method 3 of Get pomade to slick back thick hair.

A pomade will hold your hairstyle in a shape, useful for slicking back hair or creating a pompadour. Pomades are great for slicking back both thin and thick hair as well as styling a pompadour.

Many pomades are oil-based. You can now find water-based ones that are easier to wash out and will give your hair extra volume. Use hair wax to hold shorter cuts. Hair wax is perfect for holding a short haircut in place or creating a bedhead look. Opt for a high quality wax in order to avoid this problem. Pick gel for ease of use. Gel is the best-known styling product. It can be used for any wet style. However, some gels may harden your hair in a noticeable way.

Apply hairdressing cream to hold down loose hairs. The main benefit of a cream is that it moisturizes, which makes it perfect for styling curly hair into a wet look. It looks more natural than pomade, but offers less hold for slicked-back hair and similar styles. Make thin hair look thicker with mousse. Mousse works well with any type of hair.

4 Ways to Get Wet Hair Look That Last All Day Long

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The wet-look hairstyle is having quite the moment. Lo have donned the smooth, sculpted style. But the celebs who are responsible for turning the look into a full-fledged craze are Kim Kardashian West and the Hadid sisters.

If you want to capture the "wet" look you've been seeing on celebrities, never fear; it's not very difficult to recreate. It only takes a little bit of prep, and then you'll need to add some kind of product to create the "wet" part of the look. Finish up by styling it to your preference. Spritz your hair all over with sea salt spray to create waves, and add a frizz control product if your hair tends to have flyaways.

Is there a product that gives the wet hair look without the stiffness of gel/mousse?

Both men and women are after getting a wet hair look without damaging their hair too much. Be it a stylish undercut, a comb over, a wet beach look or just a spontaneous wet hairstyle, you want the beauty to last all day long without fail. The worst thing that can happen is half of your hairstyle starting to look dry and messy while the other one stays wet and beautiful. There is a good variety of ways to help your hair stay on top of its game when wet. By using one of them, you can forget about worrying. Whatever special occasion you have coming up, you can use one of these methods to stay stylish all day long. We collected a few effective methods to get your hair look wet that last the whole day. In case you are a teenager, we recommend these short haircuts. Sounds strange? It might be!

This Is How to Get the Wet-Look Hairstyle à la Kim and Bella

The greatest advantage of this look is that it can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to thinner, slicked-back hair. Creating wetness requires working in a little bit of a product such as mousse or pomade before combing washed hair into place. For an easy wet look, try massaging in some hair gel all the way down to your roots. Finish by using your fingers or a comb to create the shape you want.



Ace the wet hair look sans greasy hair gels


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Mar 8, - When you finally found a “strong” hair gel that didn't smell too girly, you Sure, the “wet look” that gel provided was super popular back in the So you'll get rid of the grime without stripping too much moisture from your locks.








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