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I need money quickly yahoo answers

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Do you remember years and years ago when one of the most common ways to grow traffic to your website especially when starting off was online forum marketing? But it paid off if you were consistent and on the forefront of hot topics in the forum. So, when Facebook got popular and advertising started taking over, a lot of people moved their focus there. They made groups, fan pages, and used their walls in place of going to forums that had established communities. It was a website that people asked questions about a bunch of topics and people were able to answer. If your answer was good, people voted it up and it got more attention.

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How can I make money fast?

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I was browsing Yahoo Answers the other day, and I did some searches on money topics. I expected to find some amusing questions from clueless people. But to my surprise, there was actually a bunch of sensible advice being offered. Here are 4 tips on how to make money from Yahoo Answers. MindYourDecisions now has over 1, free articles with no ads thanks to community support! Help out and get early access to posts with a pledge on Patreon. Ultimately, making money boils down to the most basic arithmetic.

You can make money if you can sell something for more it costs you to buy it. With the web, there are so many profitable opportunities. One only needs to think creatively to be a reseller.

Answer: go on craiglist and post a ad that says that you unlock cellphones and then visit [a site that sells unlock codes] and sell the code for double the price. Source s : thats what i do. From here. Another point is to make sure you find the right customers.

The same Yahoo answer thread had advice on how the youngster could market his services effectively:. Answer: You need to keep your eyes open. If there is a straggly overgrown lawn, you could offer to mow THAT one. If you see unsparkling windows, you could offer to wash them. Dogs … need walking. Fences … might need painting. Just look and notice what needs doing, and speak up. There would be no point in offering to weed MY flower bed if there were no weeds there, but on the right day if it looked like it lacked attention, you could earn a few dollars.

I realized the beauty of this advice when I started this blog. Originally I was just spamming everyone I met by talking about the site. But soon I realized that most people were not interested. So I started to look for better opportunities, like networking with bloggers and reaching out to online communities who cared about math and game theory.

A lot of people get stuck because they build up false constraints. Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face, but you have to be willing to use your assets. Question: Is there i can make money fast off my android phone? No one wants to sell off their valued possessions. If so, post your qualifications and bid on the work. But work is work, and sometimes a bit of extra income and extra work is worth it.

But there is some sensible advice being offered for free if you know where to look. I run the MindYourDecisions channel on YouTube , which has over 1 million subscribers and million views. As you might expect, the links for my books go to their listings on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay. By way of history, I started the Mind Your Decisions blog back in to share a bit of math, personal finance, personal thoughts, and game theory. It's been quite a journey! I thank everyone that has shared my work, and I am very grateful for coverage in the press , including the Shorty Awards, The Telegraph, Freakonomics, and many other popular outlets. People often ask how I make the videos.

Like many YouTubers I use popular software to prepare my videos. You can search for animation software tutorials on YouTube to learn how to make videos. Be prepared--animation is time consuming and software can be expensive! If you purchase through these links, I may be compensated for purchases made on Amazon. The Joy of Game Theory shows how you can use math to out-think your competition. The Irrationality Illusion: How To Make Smart Decisions And Overcome Bias is a handbook that explains the many ways we are biased about decision-making and offers techniques to make smart decisions.

The Best Mental Math Tricks teaches how you can look like a math genius by solving problems in your head rated 4. Multiply Numbers By Drawing Lines This book is a reference guide for my video that has over 1 million views on a geometric method to multiply numbers.

Mind Your Puzzles is a collection of the three "Math Puzzles" books, volumes 1, 2, and 3. The puzzles topics include the mathematical subjects including geometry, probability, logic, and game theory.

Math Puzzles Volume 1 features classic brain teasers and riddles with complete solutions for problems in counting, geometry, probability, and game theory. Volume 1 is rated 4.

Math Puzzles Volume 2 is a sequel book with more great problems. Math Puzzles Volume 3 is the third in the series. Right now Prime members can read the book for free.

Go to the Prime Reading catalog and find my book "40 Paradoxes in Logic, Probability, and Game Theory" and select the option to borrow for free. Right now Prime members in India can read the book for free. Prime Reading. Teachers and students around the world often email me about the books.

Since education can have such a huge impact, I try to make the ebooks available as widely as possible at as low a price as possible. Currently you can read most of my ebooks through Amazon's "Kindle Unlimited" program. Included in the subscription you will get access to millions of ebooks.

I have compiled links to programs in some countries below. Please check your local Amazon website for availability and program terms. Grab a mug, tshirt, and more at the official site for merchandise: Mind Your Decisions at Teespring.

My quick browse of freelancer. Anyone qualified to do one of the software projects there could probably get similar work paying times as much per hour at a real company. That said, if you find enough projects that require the same thing, you could write the software once and sell it to many people, with just small modifications.

Skip to content. Question: How can a 17 year old make 50 dollars in 4 days? Source s : thats what i do From here The same philosophy can be applied to arbitraging other digital goods. Tip 2: Have targeted sales pitches Another point is to make sure you find the right customers. The same Yahoo answer thread had advice on how the youngster could market his services effectively: Question: How can a 17 year old make 50 dollars in 4 days?

From here I realized the beauty of this advice when I started this blog. Tip 3: Leverage your assets A lot of people get stuck because they build up false constraints. From here No one wants to sell off their valued possessions.

Question: How do i make a little extra money a week like 25 — 30 dollars? I studied Economics and Mathematics at Stanford University. Prime Reading Be sure to read it soon! The promotion is valid for about 90 days, starting March Previous Previous post: Avoiding bias: think about frequencies, not probabilities.

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19 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Me and my boyfriend split up and I'm moving back to my hometown this weekend or the next. My ex boyfriend is going to pay for the moving truck and help me move but now he wants me to help him pay for it even though I have no money and it's too late to get a job. I have asked my family but with Christmas coming, no one can afford to loan me any money. I have a Journey diamond necklace that my ex boyfriend got for me when we were still together.

The website Yahoo! The website began as a search directory for various websites, and soon grew into an established Internet resource that features the "Yahoo!

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The worst questions on Yahoo! Answers

Sometimes websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora just aren't enough for the more complex questions people have. JustAnswer is one of the most highly-trafficked websites for paying people to answer questions. Also, if you want to be paid via PayPal, that is an option. KGB allows you to make money answering questions via text message. If you are in the US, Canada, or the Philippines, you can answer questions on this site. FixYa is more technical and the questions people ask are related more towards fixing electronics and other things. You earn points that you can redeem for rewards. Wonder allows you to get paid for answering questions from their research dashboard.

Yahoo! Answers

This is 50 million people a day who are looking for answers to problems they have! Click here to find out more. As you can see, there are lots of different categories where people can post questions. Within most of these categories there are further sub categories which allow you to refine your question even more.

No experience or programming skills required! Most books on the market often claim to be aimed at the complete beginner, but they fail to deliver on their promisers!

I was browsing Yahoo Answers the other day, and I did some searches on money topics. I expected to find some amusing questions from clueless people. But to my surprise, there was actually a bunch of sensible advice being offered. Here are 4 tips on how to make money from Yahoo Answers.

How To Use Quora As Your Best Evergreen Lead Source

Almost everyone can use a little more cash in their pocket from time to time. No matter how carefully you plan, money can run a little short at times. Maybe your child needs new shoes. Perhaps your car broke down, or you just want a night out on the town.

America, We Need to Talk. Joel Berg. The newest book by Joel Berg--an internationally recognized leader and media spokesman in the fields of hunger, poverty, food systems, and U. Explaining that the most serious--and most broken--relationship is the one between us, as Americans, and our nation, the book explains how, no matter who becomes our next president, average Joes can channel their anger at our hobbled system into concrete actions that will fix our democracy, rebuild our middle class, and restore our stature in the world as a beacon of freedom and hope. Starting with the belief that it's irresponsible for Americans to blame the nation's problems solely on "the politicians" or "the system," Joel makes a case for how it's the personal responsibility of every resident of this country to fix it.

Solid advice on how to make money, tips from Yahoo Answers

Quora was barely visible at the start. Many people ask questions on the Web, especially on search engines like Google but also on social media. Even a search for the term [smartphone] itself implies that you are looking for the best or at least most popular smartphone. We witnessed a frenzy on social media about Quora in its early days. Pundits proclaimed Quora to be the next Twitter etc. At the end of the day Quora had to compete with the existing elephant in the room, Yahoo Answers.

But the one variable that remains completely absent is money. Not because Yahoo!Answers. Usenet is not the only forum for sharing information. Increasingly  Lawrence Lessig - - ‎Technology & Engineering.

David Peterka is a technology writer who provides technical and other support for his senior parents. David is the founder of the Senior Sleuth Guides and produces the online senior sleuthing website www. David Peterka. The Senior Sleuth's Guide to Technology for Seniors provides an overview of products that help make senior citizens' lives more graceful, independent, invigorating and fun.







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