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How to look for old youtube videos

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Watching YouTube videos is one of the favorite pastimes of many people. So, it can be truly quite frustrating to know that the video you are planning to watch has already been deleted. However, now, there are ways for you to watch deleted YouTube videos such as the ones listed below. Go to www. From the results page, click on the video of your choice and then start watching it.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How To Recover a Deleted YouTube Videos

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

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As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, YouTube is a widely used channel to promote, entertain, and educate audiences. YouTube has roughly 22 billion monthly visits and the average session duration is just under 40 minutes. However, like all things on the internet getting more YouTube views has been a pursuit that people have started to throw money at—sometimes through shady enterprises—to promote their content. With its extensive amount of users, YouTube is one of the premier platforms in the world to reach audiences.

So, how do you generate more views on YouTube and get people to view your content? Here are 30 tips on how to do just that. Imagine if a blind person had the task of categorizing content by which content was best. Thankfully, YouTube has a wide variety of factors in its algorithm to decide which videos are the best and rank in the top of its search results.

This is where your keyword research will come into play. A descriptive and interesting title will do two things: provide keywords for the algorithm to sort for relevancy purposes and attract users and inform them about what the video is about. To conduct keyword research, you can use typical SEO methods like using keyword planner or other keyword research tools. To check keyword popularity on YouTube, go to keyword planner and select YouTube search on the far right.

Optimizing your video content for the right keywords will help gain organic views by informing users and the search engine just what your video is about. The video description is where you can better inform the search engines and users just what exactly your video is about.

This will help increase the click-through-rate and thus the views, as users will know what to expect in your video.

Try to both stand-out and remain generic; you should capture interest while still trying to rank for short-tail keywords. Entice users above the fold with your descriptions and optimize them correctly for the YouTube search engine as you would with a normal SEO meta description. YouTube video tags further help distinguish what your video content about and helps the algorithm understand what users will view when they see your video. These, along with your description and title, should reflect the core of what your video is about.

Think short-tail SEO again. If you need keyword help, you can use keyword planner, as mentioned above. Have your thumbnail be a visual correspondent to your title and description to boost your video views. Captions or transcripts of your videos have been heavily debated as to their ability to increase your YouTube ranking. However, closed captions can help get more YouTube views as they cater to international audiences and the disabled.

The content in your video is the most important factor in deciding just how many views it will get. Create video content that piggybacks off of already existing viral trends. Similar to guest posting for blog content, guest YouTubers, industry influencers, or persons of note with their own following can do wonders for boosting your views. Offer a link to one of their videos or websites in your description and you can form a beneficial relationship built on reciprocity.

Thus, there are numerous ways you can be active on the platform to increase your subscribers and video views. A potential goldmine for boosting your views comes from the Suggested Videos section that appears on the sidebar and in a grid after a video has been completed. Thus, the content presented at the end of a watched video will be similar to the content that was just viewed. You can target similar keywords and descriptions and create video content that covers the same topic with a more engaging tone or with more information presented in a more accessible way.

These YouTube optimization features enable you to promote your other content within your video. You can create cards that can be used to:. In regard to increasing your video views, you should use these cards to encourage users to visit your lesser watched content and subscribe to your channel.

Use your behavioral analytics to see at which points users stop watching your video and implement the card beforehand to ensure it gets seen by more viewers. YouTube behavioral analytics provide you with a lot of actionable insights and metrics to inform every decision you make to increase your video views. End screens serve the unique function of doing a little bit of everything at the end of your video.

Having a marquee video on YouTube can help spread awareness to your other videos and to your YouTube channel. A good marker is for your video to have at least 5, views so that it will appear in more search results due to its already existing popularity.

As mentioned above, you can create cards, end screens, and other links to your other video content within your marquee video. Like internal linking on websites, your marquee videos can be a great way to push traffic and views to your lesser-known videos and channel in general. You should be careful when you do this, as auto-played videos may annoy some users. To enable autoplay for embedded content, simply add this code to the end of URL in the iframe. Added code to iFrame:. You can set a playlist to autoplay as well by embedding the playlist with the same code attached.

Create playlists for your content so viewers can watch it consecutively. After the first video ends, your other videos will automatically play, which will get more views for each played video without them having to navigate off the player. You can embed playlists, post them in your channel, or have users share them to increase the total views for each playlist. Make each one unique and give them flow and relevancy with the order in which they are played.

These are great for educational or entertaining content that tells a story or goes in depth into how different components make up a whole. Promoting yourself as an expert in your own videos is one thing, but being an active member in your niche community is another. YouTube has the unique ability to be present on a variety of different social media platforms. It can be embedded and shared, sometimes virally, with just a few clicks. Here are some ways to get more YouTube views outside of the platform.

With a decent ranking on the SERPs, you can double-down on the traffic your video gets and increase your views. Cross-platform promotion, especially with YouTube can work wonders in driving users to view it.

You can reach your entire base by sharing links on other profiles to funnel them toward your video. Share the link as a post, or put it in the description of your profiles to boost your views. Sessions starting on your video show that your video is bringing users to YouTube, which will result in a more favorable organic ranking and more appearances in suggest views sections.

There are a wide variety of places you can share your content. On this subreddit, people post videos and vote on the ones they like the best.

The winner gets stickied to the top of the subreddit for the next week for people to visit and watch. You can use other social bookmarking sites to pedal interest in your videos like Stumbleupon and Pinterest. I nfluencer marketing is fast-becoming a go-to source to reach audiences for big name brands. They have built in audiences that re-share and post their content, which has the potential to provide a surge in views on a viral scale.

You can use Unamo Social Media to locate influencers in your sphere of interest and reach out to them to promote your video content. As viewers are already following these influencers and regularly engage with the content they provide, one share of your video can generate a lot of views for your YouTube video and channel.

Embedding your video will already gain more views for your video, but supplying a subscribe button to your channel will prove extremely valuable in the long-run.

To install the subscription widget, follow these instructions from YouTube and use the widget on pages with your video embedded. Everyone loves a good giveaway. Getting a lot of views on YouTube takes time.

The platform has its own checks and balances to ensure that quality video content is reaching its users always and often. Also published on Medium. Marketing specialist at Unamo. But what are the benefits of the YouTube visit purchase strategy for your business or […]. Remember to […]. Hey, This is very great article.

YouTube could be a great source for marketer and bloggers to increase brand awareness. These tips are really awesome. Thanks for sharing this guide.

Thanks Adam. This really helped. I updated my YouTube channel a few months ago per your suggestions and uploaded People videos I made. It's working well and your direction helped s lot. Thank you!

Taking into account all the points mentioned here, a marketer can definitely ensure to rank high on YouTube.

Great article, Adam! Reaching out to influencers seems obvious but wasn't on my list. Now it is. Thanks for the inspiration! This is really something i was looking for, you've made my day. Nice share of information here. I really find this information really helpful for me. Thanks a lot, dude, for putting up this vital information on the internet for everybody to use. Thanks for the tips. These are very helpful for me as I am a newbie in the Youtube community.

My senior seminar group has a final video projects that has to hit several thousand views to get a good grade. I am going to try all the suggestions and hope for the best.

YouTube Ranking: How to Get More Views on YouTube

Want to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos? In this episode, I interview Sean Cannell , a YouTube expert who specializes in video influencers, video equipment, and video marketing. His course is Video Ranking Academy. Sean learned about producing video and doing it consistently through a volunteer role with his church. Around , the youth pastor asked Sean to record weekly video announcements.

Want more views for your YouTube content? An optimized YouTube channel delivers a rewarding viewing experience and works with the YouTube algorithm to boost your visibility. Your YouTube channel home page is the first thing people see, so it needs to make a good impression.

There are millions of unknown and undiscovered channels on YouTube. The YouTube Channel Crawler makes it easy to find them! Choose the category, the subscriber count and other features, and the Channel Crawler will find good YouTube channels for you. Have you ever wondered how to find small YouTube channels in that sea of content creators?

How to Search YouTube by Date

Looking to increase your YouTube video views? And the algorithm is very effective at knowing what people want: Mohan also says the average mobile viewing session lasts 60 minutes. Bonus: Download a free guide that reveals the exact steps one creator took to gain more than 23,, views on YouTube with no budget and no expensive gear. Up until back when users were only watching 4 billion hours of YouTube per month , instead of 1 billion per day YouTube ranked videos based on one metric: view count. While this tactic was supposed to reward great videos, and place the most popular ones in front of audience eyeballs, instead it created a clickbait problem. This strategy was bad for quality, which was bad for advertisers, which was bad for the platform. YouTube re-jigged the algorithm to favor view duration a. Then, in , YouTube released a whitepaper that described the role of deep neural networks and machine learning in its recommendation system.

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Maybe you now regret rude comment you left on a YouTube video in the midst of a heated debate, or maybe you finally thought of the perfect comeback and want to add to your comment in said debate. Perhaps you can't remember what you said on YouTube regardless of context, or possibly you're so proud of your YouTube comment you want to find it and share it with others. In any case, it's easy to find your past YouTube comments, and it's simple to edit or delete them, too. On the YouTube homepage, click on the three parallel lines at the top-left corner of the screen, then click the word "History" from the menu that appears. YouTube makes it easy to see all your past comments as well as check your watch and search history.

The number of views YouTube videos get in a single day is up to the billions now, with hundreds of hours of new content uploaded every minute, versus the month it would take twelve years ago when YouTube launched. To save a video for later without leaving the results page, open the overflow menu the three dots adjacent to your preferred video and add it to your Watch Later playlist.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I previously used the following Google search string and a custom date range to find them:. This doesn't work anymore for some reason.

The YouTube Channel Crawler

As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, YouTube is a widely used channel to promote, entertain, and educate audiences. YouTube has roughly 22 billion monthly visits and the average session duration is just under 40 minutes. However, like all things on the internet getting more YouTube views has been a pursuit that people have started to throw money at—sometimes through shady enterprises—to promote their content.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: how to watch deleted youtube videos

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. It only takes a minute to sign up. Now the ratings values of videos are encrypted in unsearchable buttons:. I loved typing that phrase as I found some truly amazing results using it that I could never find using YouTube's awkward "ratings filter".

How to easily find your past YouTube comments and edit or delete them

The YouTube Watch History feature keeps track of recent videos that you have viewed, but it does not indicate the time and date. This information is stored by your Internet browser. By accessing your browser history and checking the properties of the YouTube page that displayed the video you watched, you can locate the date and time. Click "YouTube" from the list of sites to view all the videos that you have watched on this site. Right-click the name of the video for which you want the information and then select "Properties" from the context menu. The date and time when you watched the selected video is shown in the Last Visited section of the Properties window. Launch Google Chrome and click the "Chrome" menu button on the top right corner of the browser window.

The YouTube Watch History feature keeps track of recent videos that you have viewed, but it does not indicate the time and date. This information is stored by.

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How to Find the Time & Date of When You Watched a YouTube Video







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