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How to get a guy to do whatever you want

Let me ask you a quick question. These guys are loyal, loving, and totally committed to the relationship, which makes your girlfriends very happy. And then you wonder what their secret is? His role wakes him up in the morning and keeps him up at night. Likewise, for a guy to be a great boyfriend, a great husband, or a great father, he has to first be emotionally invested in his relationship. He has to be willing to do absolutely crazy things to be a great partner!

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to get your man to do anything you want him to do

Making your man do whatever you want

All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. Take a good look at your motivations. What exactly is it that you want from your man? Is it reasonable? Is it fair? Is it moral? Consider these questions.

Ask yourself if what you want is within his means or comfort zone. If you are kind and compassionate toward your man, he will be more likely to give you want you want and need. That being said, there are things you are entitled to as a girlfriend or wife.

Time, attention, affection, sex, fidelity, flowers, jewelry, the occasional vacation are things that are well within your rights as a woman! First, accept him exactly as he is right now with no changes. This is the most crucial step in this entire process. That means no nagging, no criticizing, no sarcastic remarks, no angry looks, and no subtle hints. What is that we women have the hardest time accepting?

Usually their friends, family , eating habits , sense of style or lack thereof , how they spend their time, sports addiction—the list goes on and on. If anything, compliment something about him that you would normally flip about.

She looked great. She has no manners. Did he take out the trash for you last night? Did he feed the dog this morning? Did he take you out to a film last week? Think again! So, praise him enthusiastically for every little thing he does for you. Lay it on thick. Again, lay it on thick. Notice the wonderful qualities he has and do not feel shy to express them to him. Does he work out frequently? Compliment his sexy muscles. Is he a genius in the field of military history?

Compliment him on his brilliance. Compliment him for things that are generally considered masculine, such as the above examples. Do not justify what it is you want e.

Remember, more than anything else, men love to see the woman they love happy, and after you start treating him the way he wants to be treated, he will lay the moon and the stars at your feet. No questions asked. The Loverman Show. Thank you for subscribing! Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. Your email will be shared with wtlcfm.

How to get what you want from men

It's easy enough to force or blackmail a husband, son or friend into doing what you want, but when you use that method, you will more than likely destroy your relationship with that person. The key to getting a man to do what you want is to give him something in return. Make him believe that your goal is worth his while. Whether you're his employee, his car salesman or his wife of 50 years, getting a man to do whatever you want works in the same way -- through mutual benefits, not manipulation. Ask nicely.

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We all know those women who can convince their husbands to do anything - they can actually make them do whatever they want. Meanwhile, some other women have no clue how to make their men do anything they want, and wonder how can some wives make their husbands happily do what they want. So keep on reading, as you might figure out some tips and tricks these smart women use to make their men do what they want. So make sure you ask him more than once, to make sure he heard you. Men hate problems and fighting, so asking for what you want in a nice way will eventually make your man do what you want.

Getting Him to Do What You Want

Also avoid fighting, complaining, shouting, tears and pouting. Seriously, all it takes to get a guy to do what you want him to is knowing how to give him some of that sweet old-fashioned charm only a woman can give. From buttering him up with compliments to leaning in for a long kiss just before you ask him to clean the apartment, it's really not that complicated. Having a few mind tricks mastered will take you far as long as you're in a healthy relationship with a healthy, non-toxic man, of course. We asked a group of women to tell us the psychological tricks they've found work best, and they have us their honest and brilliant answers. I'll do just about everything except bat my eyelashes — but it works! If I want him to go out with me and my girlfriends one night, or if I want him to help me clean the apartment, I make sure to stop and pick up something that he'll really love — or something that he's been hinting that he wants.

How To Make A Man Obsessed With You

If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Though I'm no marriage counselor and certainly not a psychologist or therapist, I do know a bit about how people in conflict manage to transcend their disputes, transform their relationships, and find mutually satisfactory means of turning cross-purposes into shared values. A close friend who is, like Stosny, a marriage counselor, tells me that women chronically complain that their husbands want to negotiate everything as if love and family were just another business transaction. What he means by negotiation is compromise - let's find a course of action we can both feel more or less okay about - which in real life results in both parties giving up what they really want say Hawaii this Spring for her or the winter holidays in Vail for him in favor of what neither of them want a car trip to Yosemite in the summer.

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What does it take to get a man to truly commit and want only you? Here are four ways to reach a man deeply and make him want to commit and devote himself fully to you. The original article came off cold, harsh, and even depressing because I had left out the most important element of all when it comes to how to get him to commit. So in this revised version, I made sure to convey the one most important piece of the puzzle immediately at the beginning.

How to Make a Man Do Anything You Want

By Post Staff Report. Seventeen years after she first stepped into Times Square, Passage, now 35, has been through it all. Passage thought she had it all after marrying super-rich financial adviser.

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All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. Ever have to ask him to wash the dishes or mow the lawn, four or five times in one night? Based on the research of Evie Bentley, biorhythms expert researcher and clinical pharmacist Angie D. Meeker, and focusing on biorhythms and hormones and how they affect behavior, the best and worst times for sex, household chores, arguments and meaningful conversations were assessed. They found that men are most primed for sex as soon as they wake up.

Smart Tips and Tricks to Make Your Man Do Anything You Want!

Do you sometimes feel like your man is clueless when you ask him to do something like take out the trash? Men are hard-wired from caveman days to be single-focused on one thing at a time. That hardware is still in his brain today. Men are more fragile than we give them credit for. Men are extremely sensitive.

Nov 27, - We all know those women who can convince their husbands to do anything - they can actually make them do whatever they want. Meanwhile.


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