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How can i get eco friendly certificate

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Buildings have extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment. During their construction, occupancy, renovation, repurposing, and demolition, buildings use energy, water, and raw materials, generate waste, and emit potentially harmful atmospheric emissions. These facts have prompted the creation of green building standards, certifications, and rating systems aimed at mitigating the impact of buildings on the natural environment through sustainable design. In , the U. Since that first release, LEED has continued to grow in prominence and to include rating systems for existing buildings and entire neighborhoods. Additional rating systems have been developed that were influenced by these early programs but are tailored to their own national priorities and requirements or seek to go beyond the limits of current policy and building practices to address broader issues of sustainability or evolving concepts such as net zero energy , and living and restorative building concepts that improve the natural environment, or those that model nature's processes.

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Environmental certification

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Our team of hospitality experts is here for you. Discover ways to help you grow your reservations. Many consumers have become more knowledgeable about green practices and have expectations for hotels. Sometimes, the decision between booking between one property over another depends on their eco-friendliness.

There are many types of certifications varying from no cost to high cost. TripAdvisor, for example, offers a free certification based on a survey. Most certifications cost money because they require third-party auditors to visit properties. Third-party auditors conduct a full analysis of environmental practices.

Some certifications work well for all properties, and some do not. For example, LEED only makes sense for new builds and full renovation projects.

Below we outlined eight of the most popular green certifications. While this is not a comprehensive list, it includes the companies that are most globally recognized.

According to their website, the program was designed with help from other green industry expert organizations. To qualify as a GreenLeader, businesses must also complete a survey and achieve a minimum score. Badge levels are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Participation in the GreenLeader program is free of charge. Information on how to apply can be found here. The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is a graduated system to recognize hotels, motels and resorts that are committed to the environment and their bottom line.

Properties are awarded keys based on their level of compliance with the program. After an initial award is given, the property will receive guidance on how to maintain and improve their key level.

The program also covers nine areas of sustainable practices: energy conservation, water conservation, solid waste management, hazardous waste management, indoor air quality, community outreach, building infrastructure, land use, and environmental management.

Green Key Global reports having 1, hotels signed up for the program, the majority of properties having keys. To become a member, a property needs to complete a question assessment.

The Green Globe Standard includes 44 core criteria supported by over compliance indicators. Specific criteria and compliances are influenced by type of certification, geographical area and local factors. Certifications are awarded on an annual basis and the standards are updated twice a year. Read more on the criteria here.

Certification rates are dependent on location and hotel size. Green Globe uses third-party auditors to conduct a fair analysis on your property. Green Globe offers certification as well as training to help properties be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a member, click here.

The certification aims to create environmental benefits and financial value through exceptional energy efficiency. Their program is available to 21 different types of buildings and plants, including hotels. Energy scores give buildings and business the ability to benchmark their business to others. A score of 50 represents typical performance, while a score of 75 indicates exceptional performance.

The EPA rating is more of a performance indicator rather than a certification provided by other companies. Green Seal is a nonprofit organization that uses science-based programs to empower consumers, purchasers, and companies to create a more sustainable world. The company began in as the first nonprofit environmental certification program. Green Seal Standards are products, services, and companies they have declared meet their standards.

A list of all these products and companies can be found here. Green Seal Certification is a process for businesses and services to receive after they have met the Green Seal standards. There is a rigorous set of criteria to obtain different levels of sustainability. The process includes annual compliance monitoring and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Hotels and Lodging Properties certification includes three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The Standard was created and has become a leader in the industry. The certification focuses on. The certification makes properties, their employees, and their guests more aware of their actions. More information on the certification guidelines and prices can be found here. They have certified over 3, properties across different industries to help make the world a cleaner place. Audubon International offers the Green Lodging Program which provides third-party verification hotel properties meet a specific set of environmental standards.

The certification comes with the strong commitment to water quality, water conservation, waste minimization, resource conservation and energy efficiency.

The certification has five stages:. LEED certified buildings save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy. LEED focuses mainly on new developments with construction best practices.

However, there are five rating systems:. LEED offers four levels of certification. The number of points determines the level. LEED certification is recognized across the globe as the premier mark of achievement in green building. LEED has many reference guides to help your project in the certification process, and you can find them here.

If you plan to build a new property or are completing a major renovation, LEED is a great certification to have. Their website boasts that they are the largest and most established sustainable certification program in the world. After your property is rated, you will receive practical tips to improve your business and receive a regular e-newsletter.

The annual fee is the number of rooms multiplied by the cost per room plus the base rate. The cost per room decreases as number of rooms increase, while the base rate increases with the size of the property. The full pricing model can be seen here.

Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme and has been approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Their websites says they have certified over 1, hotels around to the world to improve their environmental, social and economic impacts cost-effectively.

All Travelife certified hotels and accommodations must undertake an independent on-site audit to receive the award. Properties can receive one of two awards either Travelife Gold award or Travelife Award of Excellence. The full criteria list can be found here. For a Travelife-certified hotel to maintain their award they must be audited every two years. The membership price is based on maximum guests per night and property size starting at euros for a two-year membership.

To begin your registration, you can fill out their form here. The certifications listed above are not appropriate for all types of properties.

But, there is a green solution out there for any property willing to put the time and effort. Many of these certifications offer extensive case studies outlining the positive effects of implementing eco-friendly practices. We're Hiring! Features The Cloudbeds Suite Everything you need in one easy package. See how it works. Cloudbeds Customers Properties grow their businesses on Cloudbeds. Read our Customers Stories. Resources Our team of hospitality experts is here for you. Our Company More reservations and happier guests.

About Cloudbeds We make hospitality simple and accessible. Free Consultation. Request a Demo We're Hiring! Stay up to date with the latest trends, insights and technology for hoteliers. Select Yes No. Minor Outlying Islands U. English Spanish Portuguese. In order to meet the minimum GreenPartner level, properties must: Have linen and towel re-use plans Track energy usage on a regular basis Recycle Use energy efficient light bulbs Educate staff and guests on green practices Properly treat waste water either using on-site or municipal sewage system To qualify as a GreenLeader, businesses must also complete a survey and achieve a minimum score.

Become a member here. Green Globe International Green Globe International certifies many different types of businesses in the travel industry. There are three ways to measure your performance based on your industry.

The portfolio manager is a tracking tool to calculate the score for commercial and institutional buildings. This tool allows a business to track improvements over time, benchmark performance, create reports, and evaluate greenhouse gas emissions.

Target Finder is used to estimate performance. It is generally used for manufacturing plants. Create an account for the Portfolio Manager here.

Ecolabelling Standards by Product Category

Take action against corporate greed, learn new ways to reduce your impact on the planet, and learn about green products you never knew existed. Green America certifies businesses that are committed to using business as a platform for social change. Since , Green America has evaluated over 8, small businesses. Green businesses adopt principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, communities, and the planet. The members of the Green Business Network are changing the way America does business.

Environmental certification is a form of environmental regulation and development where a company can voluntarily choose to comply with predefined processes or objectives set forth by the certification service. This is seen as a form of corporate social responsibility allowing companies to address their obligation to minimise the harmful impacts to the environment by voluntarily following a set of externally set and measured objectives. The primary motivations for many companies who choose to implement environmental certification schemes are, to provide an ethical product for the consumers, increelopment]], improve the image of the company, gain a better relationship with stakeholders and to make a higher profit.

Our team of hospitality experts is here for you. Discover ways to help you grow your reservations. Many consumers have become more knowledgeable about green practices and have expectations for hotels. Sometimes, the decision between booking between one property over another depends on their eco-friendliness. There are many types of certifications varying from no cost to high cost.

Getting Green Certification for Your Products

Consumers are becoming more savvy about green businesses and products. Here are 25 green business certifications for you to consider. If your business location has a sustainable design or other features, you can earn points to achieve different levels of certification, including Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If your business raises or processes food products, you can apply to a USDA-accredited certifying agent to get your products certified organic. Then you can include the USDA Certified Organic seal on your products to appeal to customers that prefer to buy organic. GBB is an online green business certification program. To enroll, you need to complete an initial assessment, make a corporate sustainability vision statement, display an Environmental Compliance Poster, organize an office Green Team and conduct a kick-off meeting to review the GBB Assessment results and recommendations.


Today, companies face pressure to expand their corporate social responsibility CSR practices. SolarCity's sustainability briefing found that 75 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service if the company is making an effort to be sustainable, while 82 percent are more likely to purchase a product that represents CSR over one that does not. How can businesses effectively market their environmental responsibility while avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing? Many companies have turned to accredited CSR certifications and awards. Sustainability certifications are voluntary norms and standards relating to environmental, social, ethical and food safety issues.

Eco-Office Certification guides offices in implementing effective environmentally-friendly practices by increasing eco-consciousness among staff. Our Eco Office programme help organisations manage waste by reducing usage of paper, water and electricity.

A plethora of sustainability certifications is now available for organisations to show independent verification of their commitment to sustainability. Third party verifications can be useful for businesses and consumers. AsureQuality regulates food safety and biosecurity services for the food and primary production sectors. AsureQuality undertakes more than different types of audits across the livestock, horticulture, dairy, forestry, arable, seeds, apiculture, food processing and retain sectors.

Green Seal - Make healthier, greener choices with confidence.

The ECO Friendly Eco-Friendly Certificate helps manufacturers to promote eco-friendly products with a single sign directly, quickly and efficiently. The content of recycling materials, the use of non-hazardous materials and energy efficiency performance are important factors in consumer perceptions of IT products. Environment is an important factor in showing sustainability and brand loyalty. They want to use environmentally friendly products as part of a sustainable approach in the world.

Some travelers like to stay in certified lodgings; they see this as a guarantee that the place they are visiting is green. All eco-friendly hotels are not necessarily certified, mainly because committing to a certification procedure is an investment in time and money. While we do not not list only certified lodgings, we still think this information is essential and do let you know if the owners listed on our website are accredited by a recognized label. Certifying accommodations in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and America , Green Globe is a primary green certification standard for hoteliers in the world. Active since , the certifying standard takes environment, social and economic, cultural aspects of tourism businesses into account on 44 different criteria.

Green Product Certification

Following, is an explanation of three of the most important labels that can guide you to a more eco-friendly solution when you purchase packaging. Post-consumer is paper and wood materials that is collected after the consumer has used the products they have purchased. Pre-consumer is materials that can be gathered before the consumer buys the final product. That can be sawdust, damaged wood or leftover pieces of wood from the production. There is not the same requirement for paper products but all products naturally need to come from either pre- or post-consumer recycling controlled by FSC. Recycling paper and wood products ensures a longer lifecycle for the wood, as well as minimising the amount of product excess going to waste. The labels all do something positive for the environment.

Once a product has met the rigorous standards of the Green Seal Certification process, the business can then use the Green Seal-certified mark on its eco-friendly.

For the Aruba Group, more than just an energy policy, eco-sustainability is a true company philosophy as we strive to improve the quality and efficiency of our facilities and also reduce the costs. The CFP is an important indicator which measures and monitors the greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of a product or service. In the case of Aruba and thanks to an increase in ambitious green energy projects, this has been brought down to zero. Data Center Aruba collaborates with Duferco Energia to search eco-energy solutions by optimizing consumptions in any way possible. This partnership, in addition, ensures the supply of green energy certified by the "Renewable energy Guaranteed" seal, which guarantees that the energy used by the Aruba Data Centers is green energy certified by the "Guarantee of Origin" issued by the GSE Gestore dei Servizi Energetici.

The Small Business Guide to Sustainability Certifications

As always, EcoCult only works with brands who we trust are making the world a better place. We often hear the question of whether there is a label like USDA organic, but for fashion and home products. Instead, there are a lot of different certifications out there that represent different parts of ethical, sustainable, and transparent fashion and decor manufacturing.

23 Green Certifications to Look For When You’re Building or Remodeling Your Home

Want to hear some good green news? Consumer demand is clearly changing things for the better yay! How, you ask? Turn to credible certifications from government agencies, nonprofits, and experts you can trust.





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