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Guys who look better without beards

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Celebs, man. They're constantly transforming for roles, sometimes too aggressively , sometimes to the point of becoming unrecognizable. Hell, even the guys we most admire who we won't name , commit to a neckbeard-and-creepy-goatee situation, not for their role in Django or Inception , but in real life— for years! So that's why we're asking this question in a series of polls: What should these guys do with their face? Since, you know, this is totally up to you, and us, and not something they as human beings should get to decide for themselves. Vote below and we'll be sure to pass it on the next time we're around them.

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Are Men With Beards More Desirable?

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Just as women can totally change her look with and without bangs , guys can look like two different people just by growing out their facial hair. Take a look at these famous faces and see whether you love their jaws with some extra whiskers on it. Over his year career remember, he first guest starred on The Facts of Life!

Is one better than the other? All we can say for sure is that he'll always be one of the handsomest men in our book. Every action film actor needs to try a big, strong beard at some point. But doesn't he look so debonair without it, too? Naturally, the owner of one the most attractive faces based on science! I think we can all agree that regardless of his facial hair status, Clint will always be the quintessential rugged Western star. As one of the few guys who can make no beard look just as cool and mysterious as a thick one.

The legendary comedian could have hidden in plain sight with this Santa-esque beard — impressive as it is, it looks like an actual disguise. This Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated actor looks so baby-faced with no hair, while his beard makes him look older and more manly. Beard or no beard, Uncle Jesse will always be handsome.

But let's be honest: He looks way better without a full beard. Whether he shaves his beard or lets it grow, this Spanish actor is sure to sweep you off your feet. Of course, the more of that handsome face we see, the better. Well, thank goodness those days are over. We'll take his clean-shaven face over his bearded one any day. When you look at Jon Hamm, your first thought is probably "Don Draper," right?

Perhaps the only way to make this association die down is for this ridiculously handsome gent to grow an even bigger, wilder beard than this. Another guy who can go with or without: He looks suave and charming with a smooth face, while his looks get a rugged boost with it. After quite a while of wearing a full-on beard and man bun , this handsome actor finally shaved it all off to reveal his clean-cut self once again.

Thank you, Leo! The handsome Ray Donovan actor looks great with and without scruffiness — as long as those baby blues are showing, he's making it work. Without his beard, this charming guy still looks like the rom-com star we knew and loved in the '00s. With it, though, he's suddenly transformed into cinematic drama gold. Just as the rest of the men did in the '70s, this beloved Hollywood heartthrob grew a big beard.

We're inclined towards his clean-shaven self, but hey — that was the decade of "long hair, don't care," so it makes sense that he experimented with a little shag.

Whoa, can you believe this is the same guy who played Alan in The Hangover? Without his beard, this comedian looks like a totally different person. Would you believe one of our fave James Bonds is already 62? He's still sexier than ever, with or without some facial hair. The easiest way to make your baby face look years older in just a week: Grow a beard, showcased here by Zac Efron. Of course, another James Bond made the list.

Connery was all clean-shaven when he held the spy role. But now he's grown older gracefully, sporting a gray, well-tailored beard. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

George Clooney. Hugh Jackman. Denzel Washington. Clint Eastwood. Jim Carrey. Chiwetel Ejiofor. John Stamos. Antonio Banderas. Joaquin Phoenix. Jon Hamm. Idris Elba. Leonardo DiCaprio. Liev Schreiber. Matthew McConaughey. Paul Newman. Zach Galifianakis. Pierce Brosnan. Zac Efron. Russell Crowe. With a beard: total action star. Without a beard: jolly and adorable Australian guy. Sean Connery. Sam Escobar Contributor Sam's enthusiasm for makeup is only rivaled by their love of all things relating to cats.

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It's a part of them almost as much as their skin, hearts and nervous tics. But for some celebs, a beard should be avoided like the plague — it can just look like a hot mess that doesn't belong. Here's some unfortunate examples of celebs who shouldn't have beards! Diply 3 Jun

In the past few years, a number of predictions have declared the end of the beard. But beards are still here — at the Oscars, parading down catwalks and on regular guys.

Beards: Are they hot? Do they always make a guy better looking? Do women prefer them? Are men with beards more likely to be sexist? Does having one signal to women your desire to commit and have a baby?

26 celebrities who look even better with a beard

By Emily Chan For Mailonline. Beards have become increasingly popular among men in recent times. But now, some men have revealed just how different they look with and without facial hair in a series of dramatic transformation pictures. Pictures compiled by Diply show how some look totally unrecognisable after shaving their beards off. Some appeared to look more youthful when going clean shaven, while others admitted they much preferred how they looked with facial hair. So, do you think these men look better with or without facial hair Men have been sharing photographs of just how different they look with and without a beard.

16 Celebs Who Look Better Without The Beard

A scroll through Instagram will prove that facial hair is certainly in style, but do potential partners find beards and scruff attractive? In partnership with Wahl, we endeavor to find out. Dixson, a researcher at the University of Queensland in Australia, has coauthored numerous studies on the subject and has found mixed results. Recent research suggests, however, that beards are indeed appealing, perhaps because of their growing popularity and prevalence in media. Ann-Marrie Zakkak, a stylist and co-owner of Starks Barber Company in Toronto, says well-groomed beards can shape the face and hide or highlight certain features.

Sometimes the mustache maketh the man, and sometimes the razor refines him. Few men can pull off both looks, but that doesn't stop most of us from trying.

Robert Pattinson. Maybe it's that seeing him clean-shaven brings back memories of his pale, be-glittered visage in Twilight , or maybe he just looks better with a little hair on his face. In any case, RPattz with a beard is a sight to behold.

People Are Now Concerned That You’re Not Hot Without Your Beard

The only way to find the real truth is to ask a large representative sample of women the right questions. That is why we performed a major nationwide survey of over women in order to find the answer. The results presented below will tell you the true consensus of what types of facial hair women find most attractive. Please refer to the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

Rudd has gone back and forth between bare-faced and bearded, and Twitter always has something to say about it. The singer, actor, and author has switched up his hairstyle a ton over the years, donning everything from tapered sides to a classic comb over. Martin has the same ever-changing philosophy when it comes to his facial hair, but no matter how he wears it, he always looks camera-ready. Cooper never rests on his grooming laurels for long. One day he's clean-shaven, and the next day a beard is born. Patel had always rocked a bald chin until a few years ago when he began not only growing out his facial hair, but also the hair on his head.

Men look unrecognisable after shaving off their beards

John Krasinski may have first become a father back in February , but it wasn't until we spotted his beard in " A Quiet Place " that we thought, "wow, what a daddy. Like all of the guys on this list, Kransinski still looks great without facial hair, but his beard adds a certain something that bumps his looks up a level. Other actors like him also experienced a similar upgrade after growing their facial hair, such as Drake and Chris Hemsworth. Let's celebrate the wonders of facial hair by looking at 26 celebrities who look even better with a beard. He sports the beard in the " Thor " and " Avengers " movies, though he sometimes hits the red carpet without any facial hair. The " Hunger Games " star has a slightly more distinguished look with his facial hair grown out. The "God's Plan" rapper started his early career with a fresh face, but grew out his facial hair as the hits kept rolling in.

Dec 4, - It depends on the facial shape. If a man has a strong chin and jawline, then they look best without. If the jawline is weak, or the chin does not  Does beard makes a man look good? - Quora.

Just as women can totally change her look with and without bangs , guys can look like two different people just by growing out their facial hair. Take a look at these famous faces and see whether you love their jaws with some extra whiskers on it. Over his year career remember, he first guest starred on The Facts of Life! Is one better than the other?

62 Before-And-After Pics That Prove Men Look Better With Beards

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Scruff or No Scruff: How Do You Prefer These Hollywood Hunks?




Do These Celebs Look Better With or Without Facial Hair?



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