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Good looking guy urban dictionary

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Top definition. A way to say 'thank you' to someone usually if they were looking out for you. Can be shortened to simply 'good lookin'. Good Lookin Out unknown. To congradulate another person for having your back.

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Top definition. Good-looking, attractive , hot. British slang. Very sexually attractive and desirable , yet troubling for reasons hard to explain. He's so dishy, but he's probably married , or on parole. Dishy unknown. Hot, Attractive, generally a clean cut guy or gal, if some one say's this to you, your well in there.

Sam :P He is Dishy. Weird, keen, vehement. Enthusiastic person who is immature and a massive wet wipe.

Some what like a sponge. Amy - 'That Chris Galvin guy is being awfully dishy'. They're dishy. Smith needs to wash her dishes.

When something is bad , dodgy , or someone is unattractive. Macrohard King's Cup Huddy gang Snail Trailing Greek Women Akaashi Keiji Fine female Friday Keyboard Warrior Trinitario Alphabetical list dishwashing Dishwashing Ass Gnomes Dish Washing Bitch dish washing liquid dishwashington Dishwatcher Dishwatching dish water Dish Water Bitch dishwater blonde dishwater breasts Dishwhore Dish Windish Dishwizard dish worker dishy Dishyant Dishy bloke dishy club disibilitated disible Disidariat Disidguous disidolmonothismist disiere dis i like disilldo Disillumination disillusion disillusional.

Top definition. Abraham unknown. The sweetest guy you will ever meet, he's always there for you to talk to and help make you feel better. He is too kind and probably too nice to those who don't deserve it.

Top definition. Good-looking, attractive , hot.

Top definition. The other half of the human population. Despite what extremists think, we do not deserve to be killed, castrated , mutilated, etc. I ask you, what is the difference in me saying "all women are she-demon with tits that suck you dry of your money," and you saying "all men are dogs, pigs, deserve to be castrated. King once said "Judge a man not by his skin color, but by the content of his character.

Top definition. Often whatever they are looking for is right in front of them. When a man looks for something and can't find it and a woman finds it right away. Did you manlook for that? It was right there. When a person looks for somehting and does not see it, even though it is in plain sight. I asked my husband to get me the scissors from the desk drawer and he claims they weren't there- he was definetly man looking- I found them right away! Wife says to husband. John, please get me my green coffee mug in the second cupboard to the left of the sink on the the second shelf all the way in the back right hand corner. Man says to wife from kitchen.

Top definition. A good looking teenage boy, not necessarily built. Usually has a naturally clean cut appearance , dresses well mainly prep gear , and is very aware of his hair, skin, etc. Constantly looks in the mirror to look perfect from head to toe. You could usually tell who has the pretty boy look school, mall, etc.

Top definition. Sort unknown.

Top definition. Guy unknown. Rulers Of The World.

Top definition. Nice Guy unknown. Nice Guy : Not to be confused with a nice guy that is, a male that is nice - When used as a noun instead of an adjective, Nice Guy refers to people men or women who believe basic social expectations are currency for sex.

Top definition. Good guy unknown. A co-worker or acquaintance who is less than amusing, annoying, sometimes deceitful , and can cause negative feelings toward others around him. A male who despite being caring and respectful to his female friends and acquaintances will never become anything more than "just a friend" to them. These guys will often pay attention and offer advice to their attractive female friends problems about their arrogant, douche-bag boyfriend only to see her dump that asshole and end up with someone even worse than him. This is because the majority of women, especially in their teenage years want to find muscular, good-looking, fashion conscious, pricks with enough confidence to diminish their insecurities enough so they can sleep at night without cutting themselves or consulting bulimia.


Very good looking young male between the age of 14 and 30 years. Pretty Boys tend to be very thin/skinny with androgynous, female looking faces (in a good.








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