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Girl meets world girl meets demolition full episode

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which Cory is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series. In her bedroom, Riley Matthews and her best friend, Maya Hart, try to sneak out her window to ride the subway, but are stopped by Riley's parents, Cory and Topanga Matthews. Cory and Topanga give them the permission to ride the subway, but only if they make the world theirs, instead of their parents.


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First it's pretty sad that the network can't decide what the actual episode title is or even what season it belongs to. I'm with you, it's Season 1, it replaces Girl Meets Fish which will now be Season 2 and incredibly awkward, but it's not the first time the show has had awkward moments because of scheduling.

You alluded to it, but on various boards the episode seems very divisive. A lot of people say it was very good, a lot of people say it was utter trash, and a lot of people say it was a very average, very ok episode. A lot of people say Ben, Danielle, Debby and Jackee were good, and a lot of people say they were horrible. I'm not even sure where I fall in myself, I guess I'm with the "just ok" people. Well, there's one exception. The only reason why they had Homegirl come visit the Matthews is because it's very clear they want Debby back for future episodes.

It's the only way it makes this ending make sense. It's so painfully obvious they're setting it up for her to be back. Then again, if Debby never came back to the show ever, I'm absolutely certain nobody's going to notice, either.

Call it what you will, Season 1 or Season 2, I don't care. I am relatively certain that this episode will have no bearing on any episodes down the line. Her part was fine, and the ending was weird, but it doesn't require any followup. The writers called this a "bridge" to season 2, and that's how I'll treat it. A means to an end. Now, that doesn't mean I didn't like it, cause it was a good episode.

We saw bits of Topanga come out in Riley, who has very much proven to be her father's daughter. So, to begin to show some balance as a character can only help her develop and be better in the future. Sabrina was pretty much herself, and was good at it. Topanga was at her best, and Cory was great in comedic timing. So, it all worked. I'll refrain comment on the astronaut and the horse thing.

Want to see your guys comments on that. The horse and astronaut were a bit too close to the horse from Meets Friendship for comfort. For those who don't recognize who Debby Ryan is, she stars on the current Disney Channel show "Jessie". As far s the "redemption" theme goes, well, that's just how Disney operates.

This was a one off, most likely, and they weren't going to let Debby's character go away on a sour note. That's just how they are. You learn to get used to their style of writing after awhile.

I agree that I would have liked to see Maya and Riley deal with somebody that wasn't easily redeemable, but that's never been how the network operates. Oh well. You mentioned how different Rowan Blanchard looked, and I noticed it too. In fact, it was very noticeable. She had a whole 3 inches on Sabrina, and Rowan is already in the throws of puberty. Little Riley isn't going to look for too much longer, and it will be interesting to see how they work around that.

The horse and the astronaut. The writers had to go on Twitter and explain the symbolism of this analogy. And anytime you have to explain what you meant outside the context of the episode, you have failed as writers. That goes for TV, movies, music, pro wrestling, it doesn't matter. The second you have to explain yourself, you've lost the power of what you were trying to accomplish. A horse keeps you grounded. Riley and Maya are an astronaut on a horse" That sounds like something some freshman hipster would come up with in Creative Writing , and then get shot down by the professor.

I was not looking for ANY deeper symbolism in the astronaut and the horse and I'm horrified to discover there is one. That's dumb. That's senior year AP English everyone-is-a-Christ-metaphor dumb. Lucas and Maya both look about Riley's tall, but she looks like a tall 14 year old. And she's not, like, Rachel tall.

She's just taller than her co-stars. I think she's still shorter than Cory, and Ben Savage is only like 5'10". I mean no disparagement, I'm 5'10", but it ain't tall And by this age girls actually tend to stop growing. It's guys who might shoot up later generally. Anyway, I didn't notice the change in Riley's looks. I have noticed it when they show earlier episodes and she looks younger, but I guess not vice-versa. You should see some of the other comments the GMW writers have posted on Twitter, especially regarding this specific episode.

We can see that in this very episode. All you have to do to turn a dishonest salesgirl into a good one is to call your eccentric billionaire friend of course you have one of those! But this only works if this salesgirl happens to be a pretty actress who happens to be insanely popular with the network she's on. Both you and Sean have complained about the quick resolution and redemption at the conclusion of this episode, but it was inevitable, even down to Homegirl stopping by the Matthews to become part of the family.

It was inevitable because of one very specific reason: because the actress playing Aubrey the crooked salesgirl is Debby Ryan. And Debby is too much of a Disney icon, and especially too nice of a girl in real life, and the GMW staff loves her too much maybe even literally, hence my poor taste casting couch joke on the IMDb board to leave her character hanging irredeemed at the end of the episode to never appear ever again in the series.

I think they love her too much to keep her limited to this one single appearance, hence why they had her come back at the very end of the episode.

Hell they might love her so much they wanted her a part of the Matthews family, at least symbolically at the end. If you wanted to avoid such a sappy, hyper-idealized ending in the first place then you have to avoid casting Debby Ryan for the part.

But that part was inevitable too, because casting other Disney Channel stars was the whole point of the theme weekend this episode belongs to, and it was inevitable that Debby would be assigned to GMW because she's the highest profile and most popular actress on the network right now well not quite, that's Dove Cameron but close enough being on the highest profile and most popular show on the network right now well not quite, KC Undercover's ratings blow GMW's ratings out of the water but GMW certainly has a bigger profile and more media hype surrounding it.

I wouldn't be surprised if a part of it was a bit of an ego thing for Debby, since now she can have a part not only on the only show on the network with a higher profile than her own show, but now she can have a part in the Boy Meets World legacy too.

Back to the writers themselves, the people who were hoping that this show will deal with topics in the same manner as Boy Meets World are going to be disappointed. The only episode that's going to come close to that is Meets Maya's Mother, and the only reason why that episode ended the way it did was 1. I know everybody likes to pick on Jessie, but I've been following the show since the first episode and at least it used to, before GMW's time dealt with ugly break-ups, personal failure and awkward life moments in ways that didn't always end with such a clean resolution as demonstrated in Meets Demolition, Meets Flaws or Meets Crazy Hat.

Liv and Maddie and Good Luck Charlie did even better jobs. Based on the Twitter comments on the writers, if you liked Meets Demolition, you'll probably like Season 2. If you hated Meets Demolition, you'll probably hate Season 2. They've said Meets Demolition is very indicative of the type of thing we can expect from the rest of Season 2. Also, it's pretty sad that they can't tell the difference between the Twitter account of one of the most prominent actors on the network well, sister network and a fan account.

I think we all need to remember that this is still Season 1, and the kids are still quite young. Even "First Date" touched a little on lessons in heartbreak with Josh and Maya. But the 'weighty' stuff BMW dealt with generally wasn't dealt with when the kids were They waited until they were older and it felt more natural. Sure, we can compare that Maya's strife doesn't come close to Shawn's. But it sure as heck beats Season 1 paper airplane-throwing Shawn.

Boy Meets World was at its best when it was handling less I do think that's the kind of stuff GMW will focus on, they already have been. They just could focus on it better. And I admit, I'm having trouble caring about them not knowing about whatever Disney actor you're talking about's Twitter. That doesn't bother me. They just need to make good episodes and I'm a happy guy!

I just threw that in as a shot towards the writers and how they should be more observant. I'm just kind of wondering how much of Meets Demolition was written by the show's needs vs. So yeah, that will be a problem as time goes on. I guess my final question will be is how much can we expect from this show? I like it, and I expected it not to be a fully realized spinoff of BMW.

Yet, its clear Michael Jacobs has been given his parameters based off of what the writers have said on Twitter. Yeah, I think you're right. I'm going in to do my final thoughts, so I'm going to change it to green. Sean, feel free to use whatever darker color you want though.

Like, maybe you're a blue guy. Can't say that I did. Maybe if it had been Ben, Danielle, Rowan or Sabrina.

Girl Meets World - Season 1 Episode 21 - Girl Meets Demolition Full Episode

And of course we are immediately shown what a liar she is…Prince of Lies…I mean this stuff is pret-ty on the nose. Anyway, Riley clinging to princess dreams is at odds with what the universe actually wants. I am a junior in college and my upper level classes kicked my butt this semester with several 10 or more page research papers taking the bulk of my time.

First it's pretty sad that the network can't decide what the actual episode title is or even what season it belongs to. I'm with you, it's Season 1, it replaces Girl Meets Fish which will now be Season 2 and incredibly awkward, but it's not the first time the show has had awkward moments because of scheduling. You alluded to it, but on various boards the episode seems very divisive.

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TV Review: Girl Meets World (Special) “Girl Meets Demolition”

Riley and Maya are manipulated by an eager salesperson to use Topanga's credit card for an expensive purchase. William Daniels Mr. Debby Ryan Aubrey. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Sign up to get started Login About My Watchlist. Recommendations Discover Listings News.

Girl Meets World

Created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly , the show follows Cory and Topanga Matthews ' twelve-year-old daughter, Riley , and her best friend, Maya , as they navigate through the challenges of life. Meanwhile, Riley and Maya encounter a lady in the subway who is quite different than they first perceive her to be. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account?

No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. Riley and her friends may be ready to take on the world, but first they'll have to make it through middle school! Cory and Topanga decide to let Riley babysit Auggie for the first time.

Girl Meets World

Riley and Maya meet Aubrey, a salesgirl for the vintage clothing store Demolition, who manipulates them into using Topanga's credit card for an expensive purchase. At the bay window, Riley and Maya just sit there bored out of their minds trying to figure out what to do, and how to get money. Topanga comes in and implores the girls to go out and do something.

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Girl Meets World 1x21 Girl Meets Demolition


1, 1, Girl Meets World, June 27, , , , First episode of the sequel to 21, Girl Meets Demolition, April 17, , , , Riley and Maya meet 56, 5, Girl Meets Triangle, June 24, , , , Maya's identity crisis kicks into full.








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