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Girl meets world fanfiction riley and lucas married and pregnant

Hey Everyone! Walking out of my bathroom after taking my morning shower wearing my bath robe and my hair on top of my head wrapped in a towel, I make my way into my bedroom which is being lit up by the morning sun shining through my window. I walk to my bedside table and pick up my phone seeing a text message from Riley. Figures she'd text me this early in the morning no one else would considering Zay would still be asleep, Farkle and Lucas know if they text me this early they're asking for trouble and Smackle will be working on an experiment before school. From: Honey xxx Message: Rise and shine Peaches! Last day of school today!

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And when she goes into labor something happens to the baby and it almost died. It had taken Riley and Lucas six years after they finished college to get married, Riley had internships and job offers all over the world and Lucas went to get his doctorate in veterinary medicine.

They had stayed together through it all because they loved one another so much and knew that relationships of any kind took a lot of work. They wanted to have their lives in order before taking that final step and getting married. Even when they thought that it was too hard, like when Riley had to spend a year working at the Paris branch of her magazine, or when Lucas had spent all of his time in Texas working as an assistant at a practice while going to school.

There was a fight when they Riley was twenty-six where she was sure it was over because Lucas's lab partner had tried to get into his pants and answered his phone while he was trying to find her a cab. The girl had made it seem as if they had hooked up and it had nearly killed Riley to hear it from her. Only to have Zay yell at Lucas before they figured out what had really happened.

Or when Riley had been in the hospital for breaking her leg to badly she needed surgery, the bone had broken out of her skin, and she had been so drugged up that she answered the phone and told Lucas that she was dating a guy named Chris. Maya had to fix that mess while laughing because they had just come back from seeing a Chris Evans movie when Riley had fallen off the curb and Riley's leg had gone through the drain, before hitting her head and suffering from short-term memory loss.

After everything that they had been through the two of them were finally in a place where their lives were stable, and they didn't have to worry so much about anything else. At least that's how it felt until they had decided to finally try and have a baby. They tried for three years, and when Riley had all but given up because she couldn't conceive.

Even though her doctor and Lucas's doctor had told them that nothing was wrong Riley blamed herself. Lucas took his wife out to Texas for the summer, to get away from their lives as he got ready to open up his own practice that September. They needed a vacation after over a decade of working hard to achieve their dreams… well most of their dreams. In the end all they needed was to relax and not stress out over their situation before Riley found herself pregnant with twins.

When they returned to New York, Lucas's practice opened and Riley had entered her second trimester. They were both giddy as they found out they were having a boy and a girl, they smiled at every small thing they ordered for the babies, they were going to be a happy family. The clinic was filled with people, and Callie, Lucas's receptionist, was sitting at the front desk sorting through a number of files.

The clinic was on the basement level of their house. They had moved into a brownstone near her childhood home, and purchased the building with Lucas's inheritance from Pappy Joe who had passed away the year they had gotten married. Riley had hung a portrait of Lucas's Pappy Joe, that she had Maya paint for her. It was a reminder of everything they were thankful for and how much they missed him. Callie was Zay's girlfriend, the two had started dating six months before Lucas had opened up the practice, and Zay had received a license as a veterinary tech so that he could work with Lucas.

Riley sat in the loveseat in the office and waited, not knowing that she had fallen asleep as soon as she sat down. Waking up to the smell of her favorite Chinese food coming from the coffee table. Lucas had covered her with the blanket she had put over the couch when they had decorated. If there was one thing Riley hated was sitting still for too long because it meant that she wasn't doing anything. She was also going blow up even more and for someone who worked in fashion it bothered her, even though she was normally happy to be pregnant but her hormones were all over the place.

That night they ate and watched a movie on the television Lucas kept in the office before going up to their bedroom and falling asleep. In the coming weeks as Riley's due date came closer and closer Lucas slowly started freaking out if she had so much as walked to the master bathroom.

He thought bedrest meant that she couldn't move at all and every time she tried he took her hand and ushered her back to bed. He sighed before sitting down next to her on the couch in their living room, he looked defeated but also very tired.

She noticed that he needed a haircut, and to shave off the beard he had been growing because he hadn't thought about taking care of himself while she was on bedrest. Riley watched a movie while Lucas slept, after a while a small throbbing pain started nagging her, automatically thinking that it was the babies making her want to go to the bathroom she slowly moved Lucas's head onto a pillow before sliding off the couch. Once she was on her feet the pain took over and she noticed the trickling of blood going down her legs.

The pain lanced through her and she felt her knees buckle as she fell to the floor. She screamed out waking Lucas almost immediately. His phone in his hand. Lucas couldn't believe what was happening, Riley was in so much pain and he couldn't figure out what to do other than calling an ambulance. There had been blood on the floor, when he had woken up. He felt so stupid for even giving into her request but he knew that she worried about him as much as he did about her. Except now it was killing him.

As he listened to the operator list what he had to do, and as he gave them his address Riley was whimpering on the floor. He couldn't believe this was happening, they had been so careful, he had been so careful, but the universe always had other plans for them and he couldn't stop the fear that was gripping him from the inside. He had activated the messenger thread that Riley had set up for the moment that she went into labor as soon as the ambulance had arrived.

Zay was in charge of grabbing their bags in case of emergency and as the EMT's pulled Riley to the ambulance Lucas had seen the look on his best friend's face.

When they arrived at the hospital they had taken Riley directly into surgery leaving Lucas to pace the hallway until the nurses had made him sit in the waiting room.

The doctor had said that one of the twins was in distress and that's why Riley was bleeding, it was a warning sign and one that thankful they had gotten to in time, but now Riley was hemorrhaging blood and they were working to stop it.

Both of the babies were being monitored in case of any further complications, they had told them that the umbilical cord had wrapped itself around their son as he was turning which had caused the distress. Riley's parents had shown up minutes after he had sent the message, Zay being the one to send out the information that Lucas should have sent. He was grateful to his best friend for that because Lucas didn't have the capacity to worry about anyone but Riley at that moment, and even now as he paced worried waiting for news on his wife he didn't have the capacity to think of anything else.

It wasn't until his parents had shown up that Lucas began to fear the worse, because his parents had been more than two hours away when the call went out. The doctors took him to see his twins, both of which were moving around in their small cribs, which they assured him was a good sign. He had held both of their hands for a short moment before he broke down crying. They had worked so hard to get to where they were in live only for this moment to break him completely.

Riley was his whole world, and his babies were his life, and if he lost one how would he cope… he wasn't sure if he could. His mother and his mother-in-law had both pulled him into a hug as he cried next to his children, as the others waited outside for news on Riley. He sobbed into his mother's shoulder as Mrs.

Matthews ran her hand through his hair crying softly next to him. They stayed that way until the doctor had found them ten minutes later. Friar, we got the bleeding under control and she's going to be fine, the twins are doing alright as well. We were worried about oxygen at first but thanks to your quick thinking they're not going to have any problems. We'll monitor them for the next couple of days but they're going to be alright.

Riley was in a small room alone in the ICU, the doctor had the babies put into the room next to her while Lucas held her hand. She was asleep, but the tubes coming out of her body made him nervous. He didn't want to hurt her more than she was already hurting, so he sat himself in a plastic chair in between his kids and his wife. He had fallen asleep holding Riley's hand while his head rested on plastic piece of the crib the twins were in.

That's how Riley found her husband when she woke up, her voice croaked "Hi," as she tried to wake him, squeezing his hand. Riley had quit her job at the magazine after they wouldn't let her take some time off to take her twins to Disney World on a family vacation, she had been asking for the time off for two years and every year they had given her another excuse to keep her from going away for so long.

They loved her, she was known as one of the best fashion writers in the country, but when it started interfering with her family she had to say no. Her kids were going to start kindergarten in the fall and she wanted one family vacation before then. He had been asking every day since she had quit. The other job was for a parenting magazine that wanted her to write about being a mom, they didn't want a lot from her, she didn't have to travel all over the world at random times and she could be with her kids.

She also started writing a book about growing up, with the same life lessons her father used to give her growing up. It was called Girl Meets World, and she was proud of it. In some ways it was a memoir in others it was just about a girl growing up in the big city. My love and my family. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Friar," Callie said smiling. Friar in a minute so go into his office.

As she entered her final month it had gotten to be too much and her hormones only made it worse. Riley didn't hear the phone call because she was so busy trying not to scream. Friar, we're sending an ambulance your way right this moment. Five Years Later Riley had quit her job at the magazine after they wouldn't let her take some time off to take her twins to Disney World on a family vacation, she had been asking for the time off for two years and every year they had given her another excuse to keep her from going away for so long.

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Author's Note- Welcome to my first ever Fanfiction. Let's see what their future hold. Today was the 4-year anniversary of Riley and Lucas's relationship. Riley was extremely excited to have her romantic evening with Lucas, she had it all planned a candlelit dinner in the moonlight. Riley quickly got dressed in a dark purple sparkly dress, a black jacket, and a nice pair of black flats to match.

This is the sequel to The Wedding Reunion! We will get to meet the first baby of the friend group, baby Rucas!

Smoothing down my white lace mermaid wedding dress I take one last look in the full length mirror in front of me, it's kind of hard to believe that this is really happening, Josh and I agreed to only get married after I graduated from college we had enough on our plate and adding the wedding would have been exhausting. You are pregnant" I tell her, Riley was now five months pregnant and having a baby boy with Lucas who got married when they were twenty but wanted to be out of college before having a baby. After my bridesmaids Riley and Smackle make their way down, Shawn and I start walking down the isle as everyone looks at us and Josh's eyes land on me as I give a small smile. Arriving at Josh, Shawn and I hug before he goes and sits down and I stand opposite Josh holding his hands.

Here's a little key so you know where all the characters are in there lives. Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle are all 20 bordering on 21, Auggie is 13 almost Lucas are Riley are married, Farkle and Maya are married sorry all those Moshua shippers but please give it a chance Lucas is a vet, Maya is an artist, Farkle owns Minkus International and Riley is a children's nurse. I hope you guys like it as I have been working on this for ages! Riley woke up at 5am like every work morning but as soon as she sat up she darted to the bathroom and threw up. This was the third day she'd done this. Riley paced around her apartment, waiting for Maya. What if she was pregnant? How would Lucas react? How would her parents react?

Thank you for encouraging me to write this and for the push to sometimes get out of my comfort zone. I love him and if you really love somebody then it won't matter where or how you marry them. If Josh were to propose, would it matter how the two of y0u got married if it meant you got to spend the rest of your life with him? The door opened and Smackle poked her head through, grinning at the maid of honor and the bride. Zay, Farkle and Lucas were all waiting at the end of the aisle for the girls as they proceeded down the aisle, one after another.

And when she goes into labor something happens to the baby and it almost died.

Well, hello! I have decided to write a new story of our favorite group of best friends! It's a fun idea that came to me and I wanted to write into a story.

Trying my hand at writing something different. This idea came to me and wouldn't go away until I wrote it, so let me know what you think! I'm not quite sure how long this will be, but it'll definitely be a fun journey to write! Ever since Riley Matthews Minkus could remember, she knew she was destined to be a mother.

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I did not have time to edit it so please ignore the mistakes. I might make a second part but as of now, it's a one shot. Please review. It's greatly appreciated. That's all Riley felt.


Sep 25, - Ever since Riley Matthews Minkus could remember, she knew she Riley and Farkle married right out of college, and Riley wanted to Gasping for breath and trying to rein in her emotions, Riley held up the pregnancy test.








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