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Find a husband brunswick stew

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Easy Brunswick Stew is a thick and hearty mix of pulled pork, chicken or turkey , vegetables, seasonings, tomato sauce, and BBQ sauce. Traditional southern home-cooked Brunswick Stew typically contains squirrel. It contains a combination of pulled pork and chicken. Turkey would also be good if you have leftover Thanksgiving turkey. I think it is the pulled pork that really makes the stew taste so good and I get mine at my favorite local bbq restaurant.

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Slow Cooker Brunswick Stew

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I love old fashioned Brunswick stew. Right along with some homemade southern cornbread , and a big tall glass of sweet tea! Honey, I tell you, I would be in heaven! Unlike many people, I actually make my easy Brunswick year round. I actually make it during the summer too! Well because I seem to always have some leftover BBQ pork. Just so that I have an excuse to make this traditional Brunswick stew recipe!

Good question! All I know is that my Brunswick stew is the bomb.. When I make Brunswick stew, I make in the slow cooker. I simply toss all the ingredients into the slow cooker, stir, and let it cook on low for 4 hours! I start off with my infamous slow cooked BBQ Pulled pork, and cooked chicken.

The chicken that I use is usually leftovers as well. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Lima Beans! Now when it comes to adding limas to my Brunswick stew I either use frozen limas or dry limas. When using frozen limas, I just toss them into the slow cooker. However, when I use dry limas I soak them overnight prior to making the Brunswick stew! Once everything is in the slow cooker, I stir the ingredients, and let it cook on low for 5 hours.

Yes I use all three in my stew also,no potatoes tomatoes,corn,Lina beans,okra. Sold mine in my barbecue restaurant for many years. But Florida Gator Brunswick Stew. Thank you again! Today is our first cooler day.. This recipe looks so delicious! Got ingredients and trying it for lunch. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Elizabeth.

Hi Rosie, Thanks for this recipe. I am looking forward to trying it. My go-to recipe for Brunswick Stew came from my mother who got it from a church recipe book. I am sure the recipe is over 50 years old. Anyway, it is a multi-day process because you have to wait for liquids to cool before removing fat.

Either have a lot of space in a refrigerator or have cold days. I say the origin of Brunswick Stew is from my home state of Georgia. NC Brunswick stew is the best. They used to cook it outside in the cold in a big black pot while making pork bbq and the Good ole skins.

The only change I made was putting the barbecue sauce at the bottom of my pot then using raw chicken breasts rather than cooked. Put everything on top and cooked on high for hours. Took out the breasts, shredded, replaced, and stirred. Cooked just a bit longer. So good!! Thank you!

In , the Virginia General Assembly put the rivalry to rest by acclamation that Brunswick County, Virginia is the official origin of the stew and Brunswick, GA conceded. The first stew contained squirrel meat and was served to hunters. Thank you for posting, I am making this right now.

I went searching for a crockpot recipe that seemed most similar to what I grew up with and this is it. It was an import in from Brunswick, Massachusetts. The original recipe uses squirrel. Also a great veggie meatless stew. Snowed in southern Va here. I just put everything together in my crockpot. My husband is already salivating. I am super anxious to taste!

I am a big Brunswick stew fan, and I stalk local churches and fire departments to see when they will be serving! Love love love! If this recipe tastes as good as the reviews say, this will be a monthly winter staple for us.

Thanks so much for sharing! I have been trying to duplicate this recipe unsuccessfully for years. Long story short, i slow cooked a pork shoulder for carnitas and had massive leftovers. Roasted a chicken after finding your recipe, and dayum. Thank you so much! Hi Rosie! Is there a video? If not, can you please make one? Would love to know how you cook your meats plus I love your detailed videos.

I remove the kernels from ears of sweet corn. I also include fresh greens — turnip, mustard, spinach, celery including greens , bell pepper, rutabaga.

I simmer the entire huge pot for roughly hours. No watching required. It probably takes hours just to come to a boil, but it does an incredible job of integrating all of the flavors. We freeze in 1 meal containers. The original idea for this came from a man in N. This worked for him, and we decided to try it ONCE. We got hooked. My grandmother always done it that way. What do you think?

In the slow cooker now! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Get Amazing Recipes straight to your inbox! However, since we are on the subject. Tell me.. Where do you think Brunswick stew originated from??? North Carolina OR Georgia? The outcome? Try my Slow Cooker Brunswick stew for yourself!

Print the recipe below, and be sure to leave any recipe request that you make have down below! This delicious and easy Slow Cooker Brunswick Stew is filled with tender pork and chicken, tasty vegetables, all in a savory sauce.

A hearty comfort meal your family will love. Course Main. Cuisine Slow Cooker, Southern, Stew. Keyword Slow Cooker Brunswick Stew. Prep Time 15 minutes. Cook Time 5 hours.

Total Time 5 hours 15 minutes. Servings 10 Author I Heart Recipes. Instructions Add all of the ingredients into a 6qt slow cooker.

Get a Husband Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew is a classic southern dish full of delicious smoked pork, veggies, and a savory barbecue broth. Have you ever had Brunswick Stew before? If not, I promise, you are in for a treat!

I love old fashioned Brunswick stew. Right along with some homemade southern cornbread , and a big tall glass of sweet tea! Honey, I tell you, I would be in heaven!

The thickest, most wonderful Brunswick Stew you've ever had. Those of you who've never had Brunswick Stew will just die If you've had it before, you won't believe it. Old family recipe and the best stew around!!!

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Brunswick Stew




Easy Brunswick Stew Recipe




Jan 19, - Brunswick stew is a traditional Southern favorite! This version is brimming with pork, beef, and chicken. Rating: - ‎ reviews - ‎3 hr 30 min.








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