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Find a guy who makes you laugh

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You fall in love with someone for many reasons—maybe because they understand you on the deepest of levels, or maybe because their heart seems unexplainably connected with yours. All those things are beautiful, and good reasons to fall in love. But I think one of the most important things is to fall in love with someone who makes you laugh. Life is tough and imperfect and often painful. You will face defeat, doubt, pain, loss, betrayal, death, and heartbreak. You will get knocked down; you will rebuild yourself and then fall again.

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Here’s Why Women Will Always Be Attracted To A Guy Who Makes Her Laugh

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Our subconscious controls us a lot more than we realize, and definitely more than we like to admit. Of course some people are more susceptible to subconscious behaviours than others, but it affects us all. You may as well use this knowledge about subconscious behaviour to your advantage and learn how to really interpret little human behaviors. These behaviors carry a lot of meaning that you never would have noticed below.

So the next time you have a crush on a guy and you're wondering how he really feels about you, don't worry. It's really not that hard to figure out. Once you know what to look for in guy's body language and subtle little behaviors, you will be able to read him like a book. No more trying to read his mind, you just have to read his body to know what he thinks about you!

Crushes are called crushes a reason, because among all the butterflies you also feel crushed because you don't know whether they like you back or not. Well ladies look no further than this handy guide to understanding guys.

Having a crush on someone doesn't have to be a guessing game anymore. Look for these signs from a guy you are interested in, and you are good to make your move! Get it Girl! Body language experts claim that when people are in a group and they start laughing, people will look at the person they feel closest too.

Unless of course, there is someone that they have feelings for in the group in which case that is the first person they will instinctively look at when they laugh. It doesn't count if you are the one making him laughing because obviously he will look at you, so if you really want to know if he is into just make sure you are around when he is laughing. One of the easiest signs to see if someone is into you!

Saying someones name a lot is actual a helpful tactic when you are trying to foster closeness with a person. And for some reason when we are attracted to someone, we say their name a lot when we talk to them or about them. It is probably because we like them and when we say their names that sends endorphins to our brain alone.

In short, it feels amazing to say the name of the person that you are attracted to! So when you are chatting with the guy you have a crush on and you notice that he says your name a lot that is a pretty good sign he is feeling the same way about you that you are about him.

Doesn't it make you feel good hearing your name from the person you are into? This is a very small and subtle sign that you probably would never have noticed had we not told you to look for it. The next time you see the object of your desire and you are locking eyes, pay attention to what he does with his lips. That is because he likes what he's looking at, and there are various reasons as to why this happens.

One theory is that he needs to have a deeper intake of breath when he sees you because you get him going, so to speak, and he can get a deeper breath with his mouth open.

Don't get confused and think this means his mouth will be hanging open, like we said it will be very subtle and when you notice it will be nothing short of adorable. Guys and girls do this when they around someone they like! Or just nervous. More often than not though, when we are around the object of our desire it tends to make us a little nervous so we fidget. What's a good thing to fidget with? So do your best to get him to chill out around you, you minx!

And remember, just because a guy doesn't do all of the things on this list does not mean that he isn't into you. While there are common patterns of body language, they are not universal rules that apply to every person.

But we feel like it's safe to say one of the most universal actions of body language is playing with your hair when you are around your crush, so go ahead and believe he is in love with you if you catch him fidgeting with hair a lot when you are around him!

Humans do this instinctively when they see something they like. They open their eyes wider because they like what they see so much they want to see as much of it as possible!

You may also notice that he often has his eyebrows raised while he is talking to you, and girl that means this man wants you! Maybe he just gives you the one raised eyebrow when he sees you, and you start to feel bad because you think this means he does not like you because you think that both eyebrows need to be raised.

This is absolutely not the case! If anything, when he is really really into you he will give you the one eyebrow raised look that will probably send you in a tither. Let's face it, men are visual and pretty simple creatures. If he likes what he sees, he will definitely be looking you up, looking at all the real estate to offer. A pretty face is not enough for a guy, every guy has their own body type they prefer. Every girl has seen the up down look that guys give, often we are getting the up down from guys we would rather not be checked out by, but thats just the way it is.

So get your best assets out on display the next time you know you are going to see him, and he will definitely survey the goods which is when you will know that he like, really likes you.

Guys can't help themselves from looking at things they like, so when he is checking you out, its a pretty fool proof sign that he is into you. Do you find that you are always making eye contact with that cutie in your office? For some reason you guys always catch yourselves looking This is a great way of knowing that a guy is into you.

We can't help ourselves from looking at people we like a lot, its natural and we obviously think they are super cute. So when you have a crush on someone, you will be looking at them a lot it is almost a subconscious movement that most of us nave to try very hard not to do when around our crush.

So if you are always catching each others eyes, this means he is looking right back at you just as much. Might as well go on a date! You know how there is a guy way of crossing your legs, and a girl way? Well the guy way while it can be annoying to sit next too because they take up more room doing it that way, it can also give away who the guy is interested in.

The top leg that is resting on top of the other one, well that is going to be our indicator. If you are sitting in a group of people featuring your crush and you notice him cross his legs, pay attention to where the toes on the top leg are pointing. Is it pointing right at you or that annoying other girl? Who knows why this happens, but our subconscious seems to always be giving away who we are into through our body language.

If a guy that you are not dating tries to pull the ole, 'slide his hand down your back so he can touch your bottom' than that is a good sign that yes he is into, but he is also a creep that doesn't respect boundaries. But if he just lightly touches you in the small of the back when you guys are walking and he wants to guide you into a door or across the street, well that is a good sign that you have a gentleman on your hands that cares about you.

It is a very protective and caring move. When a person is attracted to someone, our mouth produces more saliva. You may have noticed this happening when you see and or smell food that you really like. Your mouth literally starts watering. Well, turns out that our favourite foods initiate much the same physical reaction from us that our crushes do. It sounds kind of creepy when you read it, but let us assure you that it's the exact opposite of creepy when a guy does this.

It will have you wishing that you were the one licking his lips! And it makes sense that food and our crushes get the same reaction from people.

Think about what you comfort yourself with when you have a broken heart? Thats right, food. What we're saying is that men and food are basically interchangeable.

He won't realize he is doing this, but there is a very big reason as to why. When a guy sees a woman that he is interested in, he takes in a deep breath subconsciously. The reason for it is because that deep breathe will make him stand up straighter and puff out his chest, a dominant stance that also shows off his body. It's the animalistic part of the human brain. The same way that bids puff out their chests when they are trying to attract a mate, guys do the same thing to get a mate!

He wants to look as tall and buff as possible around you, to show you exactly what he has to offer physically speaking. So if you have noticed your crush always taking a deep breath when he sees you, now you know why!

People associate this behaviour too often with women. And when you think about someone playing with a glass, what do you picture? A woman swirling her finger around the rim of a wine glass? Well men do it too. In fact, if they have anything in their hands they will be fidgeting with it when they are around their crush.

And as we mentioned earlier, if they don't have anything in their hands to play with they will play with their hair! Basically, when a human being is around someone they are interested in this automatically makes them feel self conscious and nervous which in turn causes them to fidget.

Of course people can work on preventing this subconscious behaviour, but for the most part everyone does it. Notice that Ross is behind Rachel, and Chandler is behind Monica. These are the two big couples out of that friend group, and while Joey is sort of partnered with Phoebe in the the way they are lined up, his body language is a lot more removed from her than the others.

So obviously this rule is always right. People want to be next to the person they are interested in, nothing too hard to believe about that. Even if their trying to play it cool and not be too obvious that they are interested in someone, they will find a way to be close to the person they like. Does anyone else wonder why Joey and Phoebe never got together?

Everyone else got paired up except those two, who are the two best ones in our opinion. You know, girls always think finding out if a guy is into you or not requires a Herculean effort and you basically need to be a mind reader and a spy. That simply is not true.

If a guy is into you, unless you are in denial about it it is pretty easy to realize.

Can I Be Happy With A Man Who Isn’t Funny?

He can transition a nerve-wracking, nail-biting experience into splitting laughter in a split second. He gets you and your sense of humor. He knows what cracks you up and he makes it his mission to keep you in regular stitches. You find multiple moments throughout the week where you are doubled over in laughter from what has come out of his mouth. The more you get to know him, the more insight he has into your brain and what makes you tick.

What you want is someone who can make you laugh — someone who gets your specific sense of humor and can relate to it. Everyone has a sense of humor, but what you really want is the right sense of humor.

LOVE it - and truer words have never been spoken : PS - and they always crack themselves up at their own jokes ; how is that???? I absolutely married the man who makes me laugh. I think this is the best advice ever. I truly have found that laughter is the very best medicine.

American informal old-fashioned a man who seems to be happy all the time and thinks it is very important to have a lot of fun. Australian offensive someone who behaves in a strange way that often makes people laugh. English version of thesaurus of people who make others laugh or are fun to be with. Free thesaurus definition of people who make others laugh or are fun to be with from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. Open Dictionary. Synonyms wit noun someone who uses words in a clever and funny way. More synonyms. Explore other meanings.

Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes You Laugh

Our subconscious controls us a lot more than we realize, and definitely more than we like to admit. Of course some people are more susceptible to subconscious behaviours than others, but it affects us all. You may as well use this knowledge about subconscious behaviour to your advantage and learn how to really interpret little human behaviors. These behaviors carry a lot of meaning that you never would have noticed below.

Whether we're looking for love or lust, we look for someone with a good sense of humour.

But is it true that the funny guy always gets the girl he wants? What they found was that men continued trying to be funny whenever a woman laughed at his jokes, which immediately effected the way she viewed him as a romantic interest. Humor points to having a sociable and agreeable personality.

11 Little Things Men Adore About The Woman They Love

Hi Evan. In my search for relationship advice I have found your perspective so insightful and real. We both feel that communication and respect are most important in a relationship and have many shared interests.

In previous articles, we've discussed things that men secretly love, as well as things women secretly love. Some, admittedly, aren't so secret. But many of these points were general and it's a worthy conversation to get into the specific things men love about the woman in their life, but may not tell her though, they should. When a man is falling in love with a woman, there are many small or less obvious things about her and her personality that will bring a smile not only to his face, but also to his heart. What are some things the man in your life probably loves about you, but may not have told you? He loves the way he smiles when he thinks about you.

Why we look for a partner who laughs (and makes us laugh)

Besides letting you show off those pearly whites and working your abs Hey, it counts! One night? A week? The funny guys are better for you in the long run, and that is why they come out on top. You never have to worry about dull conversations or biting your tongue when smart-ass remarks come to mind. Funny guys: You are sexy. And to some of us, the funny guy is often the most attractive man in the room.

May 7, - Marry the Guy Who Makes You Laugh To this day, years later, I will find him giggling or all out laughing with farting sounds emitting from his.


He Makes You Laugh: Why The Funny Guy Beats The Hot Guy Every Time


11 Reasons Why You Should Marry The Man Who Makes You Laugh






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