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Episerver 11 get friendly url

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I was really trying to avoid blogging about any more custom properties, things related to PropertyList or Episerver editor UI customization. However, I felt like digging into how easy or hard it would be to show friendly URLs for ContentReference and Url properties in a PropertyList, so I thought I may as well revisit all of the areas I was trying to avoid in one blog post! I should also preface this post by saying that the code here is essentially a code experiment and I'm sharing it with that proviso. Finally, it's worth noting that Episerver don't actually support using the Url property in a PropertyList see this forum answer so it's probably worth keeping that in mind. Here Url is a Url property, and Link is a ContentReference, so our list item looks something like this:.

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Content URL, with or without shortcut?

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Home About Us Contact Us. EpiServer - get absolute friendly url for given culture for page - episerver I've a following setup in my Manage Websites panel General Url is set to alloy.

So for Search page I want to get absolute friendly url in all languages. I use following code to get friendly url for page found on Anders G. ConvertToExternal builder, null, Encoding. ToString : UriSupport. AbsoluteUrlBySettings builder. ToString ; return friendlyUrl; It is simple if I will use the alloy.

I found that if I use alloy. How can I improve this code to take correct host name for page in different culture? The GetUrl method of the UrlResolver will return a URL to a page that is relative or absolute depending on the current request context. A URL will be relative if the page is located in the current site and absolute if in another site or if the call is made outside a request.

If you are using EPiServer. Core version 8. This update also made it possible to explicitly request that the URL should be to the primary site by setting the ForceCanonical flag on the VirtualPathArguments parameter. If not the flag is not set, it will prefer the current site URL over the primary given the requested content is located on the current site.

GetUrl contentLink, language. RelativeOrAbsolute ; if uri. Url, uri. Current directly and instead pass in the current request URL. But in this case I have opted to use it directly to keep the example more contained. We have a support case regarding this.

We want the url resolver to always return an absolute url when requesting the canonical url. GetUrl p. TryCreate result, UriKind. GetDefinitionForContent p. GetHosts p.

SiteUrl; if host! TryCreate siteDefinition. Name, UriKind. GetUrl reference, language ; if string. SiteUrl, friendlyUrl. GetLeftPart UriPartial. I think rewriting the ModifiedBy field is an edge case or a small hack but it is possible without any magic see the code. Open Content. UploadAsync parentPath, fileName, stream. Wait ; Console. WriteLine "Uploaded" ; Modify path, userPath.

WriteLine "Modified" ; Console. The app will request a file http When I view the XML file in the browser it is fine, however the Silverlight acts as if it is using an older cached version of this file. I have added a random string parameter to the XML uri by appending "? See this thread here, for a possible resolution. It uses the following script to get the xml. I've been writing a module that replaces the registration form in DNN to work more with our system.

Under the PortalSettings object, I've been able to find a lot of different TabID properties, but none of them appear to be for this field. I believe the field I am looking for to be in a different class, but I know not where. Has anyone run into this field or know better where I can look? Thanks in advance! Once again, I found the answer very soon after posting.

This alone is not enough, since this value may be -1 and thus redirect you back to the same page typically the registration page. UrlDecode Request. QueryString[returnUrlKey] ; if url. Contains "? Substring 0, url. IndexOf "? Substring url. Concat baseURL, "? I hope this solutions helps others as well!

I know I can achieve that by some regex or replacing on the URL, but as there are several different forms to represent the same document in a URL, I wanted to find a generic solution. You may want to open an enhancement request on Apps Script issue tracker. But what I do on my scripts since these openByUrl functions are somewhat new , is to get the id using a regex. Like this. It just looks for anything in a string that "looks like" a Google key.

That is, any big enough string that has only google key valid characters in it. Which is useful when you're asking the link from the user, as some may paste the id directly instead of the url and it still works.

Match url ; return m. If no match is found for this, then we simply return the original param, which is assumed to be the ID. Retrieve external URL of media file I have a page data folder with a property "Image", which is a reference to a Media file in the Composite C1 backend.

I now want to retrieve the data in my asp. Is there an API function I can use? GetUrl MediaUrlHelper. Resources javascript java csharp php python android jquery ruby ios html database java software.

Customizing Episerver content delivery API.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Using EpiServer 8.

It manages content. Having predictable methods for creating, modifying and retrieving content is crucial for a CMS. Most of the content can probably be accessed using some sort of URL. So given I have some sort of content, in this example a PageData object.

How to get the friendly URL of a page in EPiServer CMS

There is a bunch of articles how to get started with it in this mode. Default Alloy template allows you to quickly get content API up and running, but the default output result is far from being perfect for real case usage and usually requires customization. Cms dependency to default Alloy site. With the default configuration you get predefined API endpoints and extensive output models. The endpoints support querying and searching content, authorization and works with friendly URLs. The default output shows a lot of data. Also, if I would use enum somewhere as propertyDataType , it will be serialized as a number, while I would like it to be rendered as a string name. Most of the fields have value and propertyDataType options which is in most cases useless.

How To Get The Friendly Url From Url Property in EPiServer 9

Home About Us Contact Us. EpiServer - get absolute friendly url for given culture for page - episerver I've a following setup in my Manage Websites panel General Url is set to alloy. So for Search page I want to get absolute friendly url in all languages. I use following code to get friendly url for page found on Anders G.

I'm having a problem when trying to render an Url from an Url property in my view.

Ever wanted to introduce some special URL handling in your EPiServer web sites, like browsing pages per category by calling mysite. Well, rejoyce, cause now it's easier than ever before. NET framework 3. Originally built as a part of ASP.

Showing the friendly URL of a Content Reference or Url property in a PropertyList

Sometimes it seems as if the hardest thing in Episerver is to retreive a proper external url of a PageData or ContentReference item. This especially occurs on multi-language or multi-tenant sites. The url repository of Episerver may sometimes be complex, and the api's may be changing. What I typically need is a stable method that will be able to resolve the external url of content links no matter which site setup I got.

Page 1 2 Maybe there are other posts about this, but I thought I'd share an easy way of getting the friendly URL of a page since I've gotten questions about it on numerous occasions:. So, you should probably not ignore the PageLink parameter unless you have to - URL rewriting is probably the most expensive operation carried out by EPiServer. I'm a firm believer in avoiding querystring parameters in URLs, especially for public web sites. Security, SEO and esthetics are a few reasons why. Custom URL rewriting can help you avoid those ugly ampersands and question marks, even in cases where you want to use querystring parameters.

EPiServer and Custom URLS using ASP.NET UrlRouting

These new features include the ability to interrupt the execution of a long running job and for these jobs to send status updates to the UI. When you are creating a page type in EPiServer you have a lot of configuration settings you can do. You can set the default value, hide it from the Edit interface, make it mandatory and so on. Already having a great number of extension methods that we are currently using. Rather than just dump them in the source code repository I thought I would try to get my blogging going again by posting each method with a short blog post so that people can comment easy and come with suggestions for improvement. My initial thought was to retrieve all pages for that section and to the filtering in memory. Possibly with some pre-filtered and cached collections to speed it up, but since the categories in this case can be combined quite freely, the hit rate on this cache would probably be quite low. In one of my previous posts I listed a number of suggested improvements to the EPiServer property system.

Library with extension methods and helpers for EPiServer. Find file Copy path Returns friendly URL if item is EPiServer content, otherwise returns the.

In Episerver, we have a number of different ways of allowing content editors to add and set links on a website. In today's guide, I'm going to cover how to add an Episerver. Url property to a page-type or block, and then how to render that Url on your website so it uses the friendly Url and not the ugly internal Episerver identifier. Not assuming the Url the content editor add is an internal Episerver link to another page and not an external link, if you try to render the property out of the box, your link will look something like this:.

Get external page urls on a multi-tenant multi-language Episerver site

GetUrl with just a ContentReference as a parameter will return a url in the same context as the current request that is it the current request in onpageedit then the url will be in onpageedit format. This website is mostly a walkby for all the info you wished about this and didnt know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and also youll undoubtedly uncover it. Using UriSupport.

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You have not added any widgets to this widgetized area yet. Next up after that is Google, if I cannot find an answer there I try to post a clear description of my problem on the forum or create a support ticket. EPiServer Subscription is used for sending email updates to users when new content is published.





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