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Buy burning man tickets 2020

After much listening, discussion, and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision not to build Black Rock City in Given the painful reality of COVID, one of the greatest global challenges of our lifetimes, we believe this is the right thing to do. Yes, we are heartbroken. We know you are too.

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The Burning Man Multiverse in 2020

After much listening, discussion, and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision not to build Black Rock City in Given the painful reality of COVID, one of the greatest global challenges of our lifetimes, we believe this is the right thing to do.

Yes, we are heartbroken. We know you are too. In we need human connection and Immediacy more than ever. But public health and the well-being of our participants, staff, and neighbors in Nevada are our highest priorities.

We look forward to welcoming you to Virtual Black Rock City It will also likely be engaging, connective, and fun. Some of you who already purchased a ticket for the playa may need that money now more than ever. Luckily, our community is rich in both. This is going to be a tough year for us, as we know it will be for you, but we will get through it together.

We will continue with projects already in motion, including grants to artists, BWB micro grants, and deploying educational leadership content. We also have exciting new projects on the horizon, including publishing a book and launching a cultural magazine. Since our earliest days on Baker Beach, we have always been, first and foremost, a community. We know how to face uncertainty and how to adapt to the changing world around us. We will tackle this challenge the same way humans across the globe are doing right now — by drawing strength and inspiration from one another.

We are all Burning Man. Please watch this important message from Burning Man Project CEO Marian Goodell, read below for answers to your burning questions yup, we said it , and explore more of our upcoming Multiverse here. At this point the likelihood of 80, people being able to gather safely this summer is extremely low.

Nor do we think that would be fair to our community members who give so much of themselves to this event. Beyond our concerns about the coronavirus, new impositions and unnecessary cost requirements from the Bureau of Land Management have seriously threatened the viability of producing Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert.

If Black Rock City is to be built on public lands in the future, we have significant challenges to overcome with the BLM.

What does this mean for the future of the organization? What will you do instead of building a city in the desert? Things are looking a little grim. We are a year-round nonprofit dedicated to extending the culture of Burning Man beyond Black Rock City and into the world.

Our teams spend a considerable amount of time and energy on other programs, including Burners Without Borders , Fly Ranch , the Regional Network , and our Philosophical Center. We intend to keep supporting these efforts in addition to supporting grants to artists, issuing micro grants through Burners Without Borders, deploying educational leadership content, publishing a book and launching a cultural magazine.

With your support, we will keep doing this work. We will also continue to co-create ways for you to explore and imagine via in-person and online convenings that will keep us all connected in the dust-free year ahead.

We are going to have to do it more efficiently and with fewer resources, but the work will go on. In this Multiverse , Black Rock City will be online, and everyone will be welcome to join in.

It will be a new kind of Burn. We want to co-create BRC online with , participants to share our passions, explore fun new ways to live more sustainably, connect in these challenging times, and take care of one another.

We know the community has vast potential to meet the challenges of the world. If you want to collaborate, let us know here! Only with your support. Without that revenue to rely on, we have made and will continue to make hard decisions and sacrifices.

We have started by implementing salary cuts for everyone on our leadership team and are having to lay off some of our dedicated staff members. We are slashing expenses and looking at every line of our budget for possible cuts. But we really need your support to survive. Burning Man will survive this crisis just as we have survived existential threats in the past. Second, keep burning in all the magical ways you know how — connecting and collaborating with your friends and imagining new ways to bring the 10 Principles to life.

We want to see all you beautiful people on the other side of this crisis, when we trade in our plague masks for dust masks. Finally, if you can afford to make a donation to Burning Man Project, please give what you can. Your generosity will have a huge impact on our collective future.

How and where can we continue to self-organize, share information, celebrate Burning Man, and maintain momentum? First of all, we encourage you to head over and Share Your COVID Story about how you, your campmates, or your friends and family are applying your Burning Man experience to help you get through these strange and challenging times. This environment is devoted to the stories and takeaways that can inspire our collective creativity and impact. We want your stories. As usual, subscribe to the Jackrabbit Speaks , check out the latest stories from across our global community in the Burning Man Journal , and stay tuned as we continue to add more ways to get involved on Community During COVID You can also check out ePlaya to continue conversations, and Spark to collaborate on projects year-round and around the world.

We call it Kindling. A social laboratory, where we can explore the many ways you, the keepers of Burning Man culture, inspire and galvanize positive change and creative action in the world. Get ready to dive in, collaborate and share stories and content with fellow dreamers and doers across the Burnerverse. This new platform will also be a gathering place. If the global health situation stabilizes, we expect to also create an in-person event in the first half of Providing refunds is the right thing to do for our community members who have put so much trust in us over the years, and who may be experiencing their own financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

This is a decision made in the interest of our culture and our community. It is an enormous financial risk, but we have faith that those with the means to do so will help us stay afloat during these challenging times. This need is real.

You will be able to request a refund through your Burner Profile. There will be several options, including one for requesting a full refund. Once we have finished building the refund tool working on it! We are not able to refund transaction fees, however, because these fees are assessed and collected by third parties in order to process the transactions.

We are of course in the position of working to get a refund to give a refund. Oh, the circles we are weaving! Yes, donating the value of a previously purchased ticket qualifies as a tax-deductible gift. Rolling tickets over to a future year only punts the financial challenge to a future date.

Since we are providing refunds and keeping the ticket money separate in our minds from the operating expenses, we are currently using the reserve to survive. Truthfully, without major changes, deep cutbacks, and a generous outpouring of donations, we could only stay operational for a few months on our reserve funds. While we do have cancellation insurance for certain situations, our insurance policy does not cover cancellation due to health epidemics or pandemics.

We do not expect to receive any funds from insurance as a result of our event in the desert not happening this year. We have, however, applied for support from the Small Business Administration and are exploring every possible opportunity for federal support to help us weather this storm. Were any government entities involved in this decision?

We have been working closely with government officials and therefore this decision was entirely ours. What about the economic impact on Northern Nevada? Is Burning Man Project planning anything to support Gerlach and nearby communities? There is no doubt, especially in a year when the economy is taking an enormous hit, that not gathering in the Black Rock Desert will have a significant impact on Reno, Empire, Gerlach, and other Northern Nevada communities.

We are committed to our neighbors in Nevada and are working on some ideas for offsetting this development. As an example, with Fly Ranch and the LAGI design challenge we are working to slowly build a steady flow of economic benefit.

While the current situation prevents us from hosting group activities or nature walks, it does not stop ongoing progress towards building a year-round rural center for the Burning Man community, creative culture, and nearby communities. Burning Man is a community of people who spend weeks, months, and in some cases years planning, preparing, building, and creating so that we can come together and experience the most awe-inspiring, engaging, and vibrant city on the planet.

Given this reality, it is not possible to wait further into the summer to make a decision. Waiting would only cost the participants, the organization and the various cooperating agencies money and time, though truth be told we did wait as long as we could to make this decision. The time is now. The many worlds of The Multiverse allow for a near-infinite set of possibilities, but frankly, no one saw this coming.

It will reveal itself. We certainly hope so. It will also depend on whether the Bureau of Land Management, our permitting authority, is willing to work with us in a more collaborative manner. As you may know, the BLM has been imposing mounting costs and restrictions, making it increasingly difficult for us to continue holding our event in the Black Rock Desert.

With your continued support , if we can keep the organization afloat and come to better terms with the BLM, yes, the Man will Burn again in Black Rock City. We know there are many more questions not answered here. Like you, we are feeling our way in the dark here. Feel free to leave your unanswered questions in the comments below.

We will share more information over the coming months, and as always, keep your eyes on the Jackrabbit Speaks and the Burning Man Journal for the latest. Report comment. Thanks for making the right call. I was thinking the same thing.

Seems a bit unfair.

Burning Man Tickets

Burning Man will sell approximately 70, tickets for For those buying tickets directly from Burning Man, there will be three ticket sale opportunities. In each case taxes, shipping and other fees are added as described below.

Burning Man has been canceled for the first time ever due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the end of every August, everyone from "hippies" to billionaires — who all call themselves Burners — gather in the middle of Nevada's Black Rock Desert known as "the playa. We look forward to welcoming you to Virtual Black Rock City


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Burning Man is not a festival! It's a city wherein almost everything that happens is created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the experience.‎Ways to Participate · ‎ Art Theme: The Multiverse · ‎Camps and Placement.








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